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The Role Of Destiny In "Stolen Party" By Liliana Hecker

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In the short story "The Stolen Party" written by Liliana Heker, a girl's dreams are shattered by the bitter reality of her destiny. Destiny plays a major role in the story. The characters in the short story demonstrate prominent differences in their values and beliefs. Each character displays unique traits. It is these unique traits, which illustrate different aspects of society. Therefore, each character represents a portion of the values and beliefs of today's society. Like society, to some extent, they possess control over their own destinies.Rosaura is the main character of this short story. The story revolves around her from start to finish. Rosaura is an inexperienced young girl. This story opens with an argument between Rosaura and her mother. Rosaura wants to go to Luciana's birthday party. Luciana is in a wealthy family so Rosaura's mother disapproves of her daughter's attending the party. In the first few sentences the author makes it evident that Rosaura is financially challenged. Herminia, Rosaura's mother, is aware of this fact and tries to make her daughter aware of this also so that she will not mingle with others of different social status.Rosaura sees herself as equal to all of the other children at the party and tries to better herself by seeking a way to get out of her low social class. She doesn't see her social class as a problem that prohibits her from making friends. She views herself as an educated young girl, and this education makes her equal to all of the children at the party. She is an innocent child who only sees friendship and nothing else. To some extent Rosaura controls her own destiny, although it could be argued that her social class limited her control. In fact, it could be said that she viewed her age as conferring her power of her destiny. Her age conferred her destiny because she empowered herself at a young age with education and dreams.Rosaura became defeated by her social status at the party after answering a slew of questions by Luciana's cousin who made it clear that she was not Luciana's friend. When Rosaura was asked "So where do you know her from", she responded with "I'm the daughter of the employee", page 212. When she said this she was defeated by her social class because she was forced to define herself by it. Her destiny and position at the party became clear at that moment because she was forced to realize that she was the helps daughter and that some people would only recognize her as that.When Rosaura's mother, Herminia, told her optimistic daughter who was full of hope and innocence that, "The problem with you, young lady, is that you like to fart higher than your ass" according to page 211, it created a bitterness between them and damaged the idea of Rosaura improving herself. Herminia did not want Rosaura to go to "the rich people's party," perhaps due to fear that her daughter might experience the cold shoulder from the upper class or perhaps out of fear that Rosaura might truly become a...

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