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The Role Of Environment On Adhd Treatment

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ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder) has been widely sudied, for this behavioral disorder is usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescene. It is estimated that between 4 and 6 percent of people in United States have ADHD, and doctors are increasingly diagnosing more with this disorder and about half of of those diagnosed with ADHD still have the symptoms when they become adults (Bornstein, et al., 2002). The symptoms includes inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. These symptoms can affect a person’s life in many ways; poor academic achievements, difficulty in making friends, problems with self-esteem, and emotional problems.This disorder may not enable people diagnosed with it to learn, interact, and be treated the same way as people without it are.
Most researcher think the cause of ADHD is biological; differences in several parts of the brain, brain activity, levels of certain neurotransmitters, and genetic factors. However, learning disabilities might be related to emotional problems such as depression or frustration that is caused by the environment, and this emotional and behavioral problems often interfere with learning. In fact, the NJCLD (National Joint Committe on Learning Disabilities, 1994) states that learning difficulties often occur along with other problems such as social or emotional disorder (Bornstein, et al., 2002). People tend to ignore or avoid, and differently treating people with ADHD without being aware of the importance of environment role to the people with ADHD especially in their treatment process. This leads to the research question: “To what extent does the environment affects the treatment of people with ADHD?”
The topic was chosen due to the awareness of environmental support needed by people diagnosed with ADHD and the curiosity on the role of environment on ADHD treatment. The topic is going to be developed by analysing the information gathered from reliable sources, by the help of knowledge from other subjects that might have connection to this topic in order to be able to support the arguments, answer the research question and increase knowledge that might be useful in facing the related problems in the future.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the abnormalities in development or psychiatric disorder of neurodevelopmental (Kooji, et al., 2010). Before diagnosed as an ADHD person, there are symptoms that are obviously shown.
First is Inattention, children with ADHD cannot concentrate, listen and learn in a long period of time. This is shown when children do not pay attention to specific tasks that require concentrations or details and tend to not following instruction; they get distracted easily and have problem in organizing tasks that lead them to be forgetful and careless and they also have difficulties on having long conversations (Bornstein, et al., 2002).
Second is Hyperactivity, ADHD children are...

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