The Role Of Women In World War Ii

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The role of woman in World War Two was an essential behind the scenes effort. Just as a cameraman is essential to the making of a movie the roles women played in the war was essential to our allied victory. In the war women provided food, clothing, funds, medical work, safety, knowledge and a safe and secure country to return to at the end of the war effort. All the help provided by women gave helped prove gender equality can work in society and helped lead to women's rights in our county.
One of the biggest roles of women in the second world war was working war factories. these were regular factories that had been converted to help the war effort. For example instead of making cars they would make tanks or instead of clothing the factory would make uniforms. Before the war started these factories were generally staffed by men but now most men were drafted into the military leaving tons of available factory jobs open for the taking. Women jumped at the chance to fill these positions, bring in some extra spending money, and support their family, country, and the feminist rights movement. During the war effort Canada actually ended up producing elven billion dollars in munitions two million tonnes of explosives and even uranium for the manhattan project none of this work could have been finished without woman and without the work the woman's rights movement would have never gotten the spark it needed to start.
During the war the women also helped in hospital. Usually called nursing sisters these women made one hundred and fifty dollars a month. they were the spirt of the hospital, the women would take care of the wounded, administer medication, assist doctors, and much more in the war hospitals helping and saving thousands. These women were given the title of Officer witch gave them authority over the men. In world war two approximately four thousand five hundred women served as nursing sisters overseas and these were some of the most dangerous jobs women could have it involved being right behind lines in medic tents. Not only did they put themselves in danger but they seen thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers die right before their very eyes. Women were a giant contributor in healthcare services during world war two and will continue to be in future wars. Without them we would have lost thousands.
Another way woman had positively influenced the war was through the assisting in the operation of stores and businesses. Due to all the men enlisted in the war the government came across a job shortage there were not enough men to work in stores. women jumped at the chance to...

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