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The Role Of Health Education In Health Promotion

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The Role of Health Education in Health Promotion

The role of health education in health promotion is:

To empower the individual

Through education

So that, that person can use that knowledge

To make informed choices and decisions

Regarding their own personal health for the better

This allows the individual to become autonomous, giving the


Freedom to make their own choices

Giving back control regarding their own health and well being

The Role of one agency in Health Promotion


Before we talk about the agency Diabetes UK, we’ll give an outline on

Diabetes is a condition in which there’s an excessive amount of
glucose(sugar) in the blood. This occurs when the body can’t use
glucose properly because of a lack of insulin or when the insulin
doesn’t work properly.

There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1(insulin-dependent)diabetes occurs when the body is unable to
produce any insulin.

Type 2(non-insulin dependent)diabetes occurs when the body produces
insulin but it doesn’t work properly or there isn’t enough.

Now on to the agency Diabetes UK.

The Diabetic Association was set up in 1934 by novelist HG Wells and
Dr RD Lawrence – both of whom had diabetes. The radical charity they
founded aimed to ensure that everyone in the UK could gain access to
insulin, whatever their financial situation.

It became known as the British Diabetic Association in 1954. RD
Lawrence and the Association campaigned for a national health service
and believed that people with diabetes should take an active role in
managing their condition. This means they promoted, a patient-centred
approach, a good 50 years before the idea caught on across the NHS.

In 1939, the Diabetic Association set up the first diabetes voluntary
self-support group. This has now grown to a network of more than 400
local voluntary groups, which provide support and information to
people with diabetes across the UK.

The British Diabetic Association was renamed as Diabetes UK in 2000.
Their new name, quite literally, puts ‘diabetes’ first, and the
hummingbird symbolises balance and control – vital for people with
diabetes who have to regulate their blood glucose levels.

Their Mission is:

To improve the lives of people with diabetes and to work towards a
future without diabetes.

Their Vision is:

To set people free from the restrictions of diabetes

• The highest quality care and information for all

• An end to discrimination and ignorance

• Universal understanding of diabetes and of Diabetes UK

• A world without diabetes

Their Values are:

• To put the interests of people with diabetes first

• To be the best source of information on diabetes

• To work in partnership with all those affected by...

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