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The Role Of Human Resource Management

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Human resource management (HRM) can be described as a function within a firm that is concern with recruitment, management and provision of direction for individuals working in the firm. HRM is an organizational activity that is concern with issues related to employees such as hiring, compensation, wellness, safety, employee motivation, benefits, administration, communication, and training (Heathfield). HRM is also a comprehensive and strategic approach used in the management of people as well as workplace environment and culture. When HRM is effective, employees are able effectively contribute and be productive to the entire direction of the organization and the accomplishment of objectives and goal of the organization. Currently, HRM has moved from the traditional personnel transactional roles, and administration that are increasingly outsourced. An organization expects HRM to add value to the strategic and effective utilization of workers and that personnel programs impacts the firm in ways that can be measured.
Role of HRM
The modern role of HRM is concern with HRM metrics and strategic direction am measurement that is able to demonstrate value. There was a time when all Have departments dealt with every staffing of the organization from firing and hiring to determination of salaries and administering benefits. However, the role of HR has started to significantly diversify due to the shrinking of departments at organizations across the board. According to research studies done by the Society for HRM, the largest professional association, the head count at the average human resource department declined from 13 in 2007 to 9 in 2008 (Rendon). In the past, what used to be the domain of HR departments is being outsourced thus making human resources to be regrouped to portray to the top management how it can add value to the bottom-line of the company. Although it can seem as if this role is odd for a department that does not sell or make anything, HR departments that are strong and effective are now concentrating on increasing productivity by assisting workers to understand better what is expected of them and portraying to the management team the way of being more effective.
Workers usually turn to the HR department when they are having a difficult time with a manager, but they do not always turn away fully satisfied. HR managers do more than just handling employee agreement and medical forms. HR departments assists in handling and retaining top talent and it is important for employees to remain in touch with an individual in the department. Workers may try as much as possible tom avoids the HR department but Ms. O’Donnell, a HR manager, says that employees should basically be doing the opposite (Rendon). Seymour Adler, a HR vice president with AON Consulting, says that one method which can enable the HR manager to recognize the work of an employee is keeping human resources in the loop, like sending the HR manager an email occasionally to let her...

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