The Role Of Library And Archives

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Libraries and archives in developed countries play very significant roles in advancing information industry to encourage learning throughout their life and contributing to establish healthier and happiness communities. They are no longer passive keepers and preservers of books rather, they have evolved to become facilitators of information and lifelong learning opportunities with an emphasis on service, identifying user needs and communicating solutions. They are offering the access to widely information growth, engaging individual, families and group to learn together, having informal education environment and not only support people to develop skills and knowledge but also lift people’s spirits and build confidence, inclusive in that they build bridges between individuals at the local level and the global level of knowledge.
In the last decade, library, museum and archived have been undergoing their revolution. They are not going in educational progression but economic, social and personal progression too. They have built new approaches to build the new capacity of lifelong learning framework by involving peoples, technologies and challenging thinking in bridging the gaps between people generation.
Today the role of libraries, archives and professional librarians is changing worldwide. Public libraries play the most important role worldwide in helping to bridge the information gap by providing free access to information and communication technologies, particularly the Internet and creating the intention of providing free public access to reading material, with the goal of educational enlightenment and the better welfare of the people.
Rapidly growth of information nowadays is the challenging for operation team in libraries and archives to make it as opportunity in enhancing the relevancy of library function to the society. Museums, libraries and archives recognize that learning is a core element of their service. They should have a few ways to make the core element are clear to people and partners who could usefully integrate resources into their learning programmes.
The first one is the libraries and archives should open up their spaces and resources in new ways to create more opportunities. As mention in IFLL sector paper 10 titled ‘ How museums, libraries and archives contribute to lifelong learning’, the learning activity that they deliver through their own staffing and programming budgets is an important element of their overall learning output. The word ‘their’ refer to museums, library and archives. It means that the management of the organization plays the important role in providing the strategic plan for the operation. For example, controlling the budget for staffing, promotional activities, collection development(includes collection repackaging) and do a research to upgrade the services and fulfill the needs of the communities.
Libraries and archives in Malaysia may use National Library of Singapore staffing programmes...

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