The Role Of Promotion In Marketing.

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Promotion is one of the major "tools" used in Marketing. Marketers usually use promotion to communicate and inform the public of their product. Promotion is also however used to influence the marketers target market usually via means of interpellation, promoting their product as better than any other similar products, or by changing the views, awareness, beliefs and feelings of perspective customers.When the marketer uses interpellation, he will be promoting his product with the help of someone famous for example. When the prospective buyers see this famous person using the product, he or she will hopefully want this product as well, due to the famous person using it.Marketers also promote their product as the number one product to use, or the best in its class, this method hopefully convinces the customer that he or she in purchasing the best.Changing the views, awareness, beliefs and feelings of perspective customers is also a very successful method used by marketers. This happens through promoting the product either in a way that it could help the buyer, and those around him, make the buyer feel better after he or she has bought it, or by making the buyer believe that the product is a necessity.So basically promotion is used to change the location and shape of the demand curve for a companies product, or increase the sales of the promoted product.As we can see here in figure "A" the shift in the demand curve o the rightWhen marketers promote their product they try to increase the sales volume at any given price, the marketer is trying to shift the demand curve to the right such as in the figures above. So basically promotion, in simplified terms, is the marketing strategy used to make products look more attractive to the prospective buyers, helping to increase the sales.Marketers also use promotion to effect the demand elasticity of its product. The elasticity is the responsiveness of demand to a change in price of a certain product. So basically the marketer will make his product more attractive just before a price increase. So now with a more attractive product, when the price rises, there will still be a need for the product even if the sales quantity does drop a little it will shoot back to normal like an elastic band, such as in figure "B"Three essential promotional tools used in marketing are informing the public about the product, persuading the public to buy the product and reminding the public about the product.Marketers' informing the public about the product is the most essential tool, as if no one knew about the product there would be no sales. But it is not just the process of informing the public about the products' existence, it is also informing the public on how the product works, and where one can be purchased.Due to there being such a large variety of similar products, persuasion plays a large role in promotion. Persuasion is the process of convincing the buyer to purchase their product rather than any other. Promotion plays...

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