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The Role Of The Common Man's Language In "All My Sons"

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Aristotle in the Poetics regards action as the most important element in tragedy. He thinks that : "without action there cannot be a tragedy there may be without character." He adds : "The plot, then, is the first principle , and, as it were the soul of a tragedy. Character holds the second place." Thus, Aristotle attributes the utmost importance to action. The characters come next. According to him, "the incidents and the plot are the end of a tragedy; and the end is the chief thing of all."Miller in "Tragedy and the Common Man," on the other hand, did not allude directly to action but as Emily Edens notices in her M.A. Thesis: "His plays involve action, for without it his characters would have no opportunity to assert themselves against forces that attempt to degrade them. As he discusses his hero's nobility and active 'retaliation,' he reveals the importance of action within the drama. In fact, his definitions of tragic character, the tragic feeling and the tragic flow would be incomplete without mention of action."In "All My Sons", For example, action has a big role to play. As Overland remarks:"In retrospect Miller found that the theme of All My Sons (1947) is the question of actions and consequences and the play dramatizes this theme in the story of Joe Keller - for whom 'there was nothing bigger than the family,' and his son Chris, For whom 'one new thing was made out of the destruction of the war' : A kind of responsibility - man for man."Since the action in All My Sons has received great attention from miller, this section deals with the interrelationship between the language varies with the development of action and the discovery of delayed crime with its consequences. Miller's interest in the common man's language and his belief in its effectiveness is clear again here in his manipulation of the common man's language as he moves through the action to the climax and then to the denouement.In the beginning of All My Sons, the action is very slow. Miller has intended to make it slow. As Miller himself remarks: "The play begins in an atmosphere of undisturbed normality. Its first act was later called slow, but it was designed to be slow. It was made so that even boredom might threaten, so that when the first intimation of the crime is dropped a genuine horror might begin to move into the heart of the audience, a horror born of the contrast between the placidity of the civilization on view and the threat to it that rage of conscience could create."Act I begins in a daily chat; the reader or audience feels as if he were reading or watching a gossip scene. The Characters speak with no definite purpose. There is no significance in what they say insofar as action itself is concerned . Hence, the opening lines of the play are striking in their normality:Jim: "Where is your tobacco?"Keller: "I think I left it on the table ... Gonna rain tonight?"Jim: "Paper says so?"Keller: "Yea, right here."The tone is not serious but relaxed. No serious...

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