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The Role Of The Election Commission In Indian Democracy

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The Role of the Election Commission in Indian Democracy

The project report will tend to work upon providing the readers an insight into the body called the Election Commission of India. The report will try to formulate a collection of information regarding the establishment of the body, its utility in the country’s political sphere. The report will also bring about the technicalities regarding the same. Like its membership, chairmanship, and about the method of its working. Ailing from that facet the report would be picking up the powers of this body. The status of this body will also be covered by the report. Following with its jobs done in the past and present will be touched upon. The brief inclusion of work would lead us to attaining higher order understanding of the Election Commission and also how far has it been successful in providing the nation, with what it was required to provide. With this introduction the report would act as the blueprint for the Election Commission, with taking up majority of the intricate which aid in its functioning.
Our country was reared by a constitution which explicitly states India as a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic, Republic. To maintain the essence of our supreme provider of law, we need to act according to the words enshrined in it. The topic of the project as states that is Election Commission and its role in dissemination of democracy. Hence we would be focusing upon the democratic front of India and about how it is maintained and kept under momentum by the tracing the Functions done by the Election Commission.
Just as building up of rules will not guarantee an optimum follow up, in the same way just by explicitly putting words in our preamble would not ensure their follow up with utmost level of sincerity. So it was with respect to this thought a governing body made to keep an eye upon the democratic dynamism of India. The democratic dynamism with which it concerns is majorly elections, there procedure, conduct and results. As election is the soul of democracy. It is from the elections only does the nurturing of democracy takes place. So in order to keep an eye upon the people’s opinion and regulating the political parties and their candidates is what a task of Election Commission. Political parties being another stakeholder in the democracy. As without the existence of them the Indian Political system would not be able to breathe. As they provide the space in which the democracy could play its role, that s elections. As elections happen between various political parties and then the public support tends to make one ruling party and the other as the opposing party. The project unfolds in a manner that it takes the readers from the origin of the institution in the name of the election commission. From that it reaches out to explain the works that it is required to undertake. With successive unfolding into the project’s advancement we would be able to...

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