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The Role Of The Project Manager In Project Completion And Process Improvement.

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Project CompletionThe Project Manager has to make sure that certain activities are attended to before theproject can be closed. Some of these are simple, mechanistic and, potentially,automatic but they will require attention at a time when the environment is often filledwith considerable human angst.The actions that will require attention coming up to termination are:1. That there are incentives for the project to be finished rather than prolonged.2. That all mandated actions, including those of suppliers are completed andsigned off by the customers of those actions.3. Ensure that the Documentation (Deliverables and Internal) is complete (designnotes, calculations, log books, validation history, etc.) and properlyauthenticated.4. File applicable patents, archive non-disclosure agreements and contractsformally.5. Index and store, or archive, historical records/drawings/ reports.6. Ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied ¡V ideally in a formally minuted signoffmeeting.7. Clear the final billings from suppliers and submit any client invoices.8. Close down the project systems - especially the accounting system.9. Redistribute the assets (Equipment, Material and Personnel). Assign supportresponsibilities, cash reserves and inventories.10. Conduct an evaluation/audit of activities to provide a lessons- learned database.In most organisations there are more demands on people than there is available timeand so with a project operating within a larger organisation it is normal for personnelto be phased into and out of the project within the time-span of the project. In manycases, in both Functional and Matrix organisations, personnel will have a primaryproject role which commands most of their attention with secondary roles which maybe related to other projects either in early or late stages.Even in a Project structured environment it is normal for an individual to be spendingsome of their time on the next project before completing the current one. This form ofpersonnel allocation substantially eases the disruption of project completion but has tobe carefully managed to avoid distraction from the closure requirements as a projectapproaches its end. The Project Manager has to ensure that this diversion from hismandated tasks does not happen. When personnel transfer out of the project before itscompletion it is good practice to conduct an exit review with them to ensure thatnecessary tasks have been completed and project performance issues understood. Inthis way a clean exit can be achieved and they can contribute to the final projectreview.Above all the Project Manager must ensure that a project does not spend 90% of itslife 90% complete. It is imperative that the assets be released as soon as possible tobe applied elsewhere and minimise cost bleed of a protracted termination. However,there is a balance to be struck between abandoning the project quickly andmaximising the benefits to be had from a thorough review of the lessons learnt.Because of...

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