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The Partition Of Africa Essay

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What was the scramble for Africa and how did it impact the continent of Africa? The scramble for Africa was a result of European countries trying to colonize Africa. The goal of many European countries was to attain as much land on the continent of Africa as possible. They wanted the land to further benefit European countries economically, culturally, and politically. In the process, the people of Africa were forgotten and not taken into consideration.

A majority of Africa experienced imperialism. Imperialism is the practice of a country increasing its own power by gaining control of other land around the world. European countries struggled to gain control of Africa. Their ...view middle of the document...

For instance, while some parts of Africa belonged to Great Britain others may have belonged to Spain, so families living in different areas were forced to separate. Wild life was also a problem. Wild life was a problem because animals that they had never seen before lived on the continent of Africa and Europeans didn't know how to react. This caused many species of animal and plant life to face extinction. Many forests were torn down in order to build settlements. This act resulted in deforestation and poaching witch affected the environment. Another issue that sparked conflict was the numerous amount of civil wars that took place because rival tribes were forced together. These are some of the problems Europeans faced in an attempt to claim Africa. Most importantly, Europeans wanted to claim Africa for economic reasons.

Europeans claimed the land in Africa for economic reasons in order to further benefit European people. African countries such as Angola and Tanganyika were economically important because resources such as coffee, rubber, cotton, sugar, sisal, and oils were found. With these items Europeans could produce modern day necessities like clothing and soap. Over time, the amount of exports to Africa drastically increased. In the year 1854, only 2.5 million European pounds were exported. While in the year 1900, twenty-one million pounds were exported. This further shows that the Europeans used Africa's natural resources to economically better themselves. Ethnocentrism was another driving forced the partition of Africa.

Ethnocentrism is the belief that one culture is better than another due to cultural differences. The term refers to the...

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