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The Relationship Between Anthropometric Measurements And Percent Body Fat (Pbf) In Students

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Objective: To study the relationship between anthropometric measurements and percent body fat (PBF) in students (17-19 years) and to find the percentage of males and females who are obese using percent body fat cut off values, since Obesity is a predisposing factor for many diseases like Hypertension, Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Coronary Artery Disease.
Methods: Weight, height, Waist Circumference (WC) and Hip Circumference (HC) of 93 students in AIMS (38 males and 55 females) were measured. PBF obtained by Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist-hip ratio (WHR) calculated. Correlations studied between weight, height, BMI, WC, HC, WHR and PBF.
Results: Significant positive correlations obtained between weight, BMI, WC, HC and PBF. WHR and PBF showed significant correlation only in males. There was no significant correlation between height and PBF .By multivariate linear regression analysis, BMI, HC and weight explained 83.8% variation of PBF in males and BMI, height and WHR 91.8 % variation in females. Percentage of males and females who were obese was 18.42% and 30.91% respectively.
Conclusion: No significant differences by gender for any of the correlations except WHR. More females are obese than males. Further studies including more parameters and greater sample size required for more insight in Obesity research.

Key words: anthropometric measurements, percent body fat, correlation


Obesity and its associated complications in adolescents is a problem of great concern especially in developing countries like India. Diseases such as Hypertension and Type II diabetes are now-a-days seen in younger individuals. In clinical practice BMI is the most commonly used parameter to assess obesity1. BMI is not a direct estimate of adiposity as it does not distinguish fat mass from fat-free mass and so some individuals have a high BMI due to a large muscle mass2. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1999 quotes ”Body fat expressed as a percentage of body weight is the most relevant measure against which anthropometric measurements should be correlated”3. A number of studies in the past have shown that the relationship between BMI and PBF is not only age and sex dependant, but also differs among ethnic groups4.Though studies showing correlation between anthropometric measurements and Percent body fat have been carried out in a number of foreign countries studies conducted in the Indian population are very few at present.

So the objective of the present study was to include a sample of the Indian population of adolescent age group and to study the relationship between anthropometric measurements - weight, height, BMI, WC, HC and WHR and PBF and to find the percentage of and females who are obese based on PBF. This is of prime importance considering the improper food habits and inadequate physical activity due to prolonged television watching or working at a computer...

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