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The Relationship Between Learning And Cognition.

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Many theorists over the years have held case studies devoted to cognition and learning. Some theorists’ theories have been modified to reflect new scientific data. However, there are still more questions to be tested from the newest modifications of data. In this paper the audience will see what learning is, how learning and behavior affect one another, the different styles associated with learning, and the relationship between learning and cognition.What is learning?Learning is the process by which a person gathers the information. (Alliance, 2007) This should not be confused with memory which is the process by which information is stored for usage later. Learning is basically the attempt to create a memory from information that will last. Humans as a race gather information and classify that data or organize that data as a means to strengthen or shape the mind. Each person is capable of capturing and learning information even before the individual is born, and then encoding that information throughout the nerve cells that affect memory. (Alliance, 2007) Once that data is encoded into memory it can be organized in the brain, which will then allow that person to organize the abstracts as well as physical objects into organized groups. (Alliance, 2007) When a person goes into a classroom setting it is good for him or her to be taught those skills necessary to go through school. However, should the person not use some of the information throughout his or her daily life then some of that information may be forgotten. That does not mean that the information cannot be recalled should a part of the memory be jogged, but does mean that a person does not use that information enough to constitute remembering that information right away.What are the styles associated with learning?There are three different classifications of learning. Those three classifications are visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic. The visual learner will learn through observation and must see all the body languages of the instructor in order to fully understand the content. (Bogod, 1998) The auditory learner must communicate through verbal discussions in order to fully understand the content. The tactile/kinesthetic learner is a hands-on-learner, and will learn the content through actually doing the taught content. The majority of people will fit into these three categories, but sometimes people can overlap into more than one category as well. (Bogod, 1998) Thus, the individual develops learning from more than one area. For example, an auditory learner that also learns hands on can be expressed as a tactile-auditory learner. This can help to increase multi-tasking as the learner advances in certain areas.Learning and BehaviorBehavior is directly related to these learning categories because if a person tries to learn by a method that the individual is not normally used it can cause complications with how the individual retains that information. Thus, directly affects the...

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