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The Party Essay

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The Party

It was the last Friday of the summer term. The malicious sun was going
down and could be seen clearly in the peach evening sky. It was Josh
Murphy's birthday party.

He was having a barbeque, and in the surrounding streets the sweet
aroma's from the meat sizzling on the barbeque were being carried by
the gentle breeze.

The party was beginning to take shape; the music by now could be heard
clearly by the neighboring houses. The party seemed to be hotting up
well. People were getting into the groove, the atmosphere was full of
relief, excitement and promise. Everyone looking forward to the
holiday months, eager to have good time. The entire local crowd was
there, those who weren't were on their way.

Josh, myself together with the rest of our friends had gathered around
the barbeque on the patio, eager to sample their culinary delights

Andrew and Dan (Josh's best friends) seemed to be overly hyperactive;
it was just a natural high form the atmosphere. Scanning the guests
Josh noticed Amy had just arrived, together with a few of her friends.
They headed straight for the barbeque, where the boys were gathered.

Amy was Josh's girl friend; Amy offered congratulations in a some what
formal manor provoking a sarcastic thank you from Josh, amused by her

While the happy couple was busy exchanging pleasantries Andrew could
not help but notice Amy's friends, one in particular who he hadn't
seen before. She had silky blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes, the face
of an angel and a smile that could wound many boys' hearts.

Andrew gazed of her for what felt like an eternity.

Upon looking around after his brief moment of paralysis Andrew noticed
Dan appeared to be suffering form a similar fixation with the divine
beauty. She also appeared to notice him as she too was looking at him
in a similar way.

Perhaps Dan's energetic out bursts attracted her to him or perhaps it
was well...

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