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The Passion Of Jesus Christ And The Son Of God

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There have been numerous films that depicting Jesus that have been made since the early twentieth century. Some of these movies include King of Kings, The Gospel according to John, Jesus Christ Superstar and many more. These movies helped to convey to their audience a glimpse of who Christ was. As time went on, the Jesus movies closely resemble the Jesus in the bible. It was not until the early twenty-first century when The Passion of the Christ was released in movie theaters that people really realized what type of death Jesus went through. The passion of Jesus Christ was a very controversial movie made in 2004 when it was released because how realistic Jesus’ death scene was. This was ...view middle of the document...

This theme is very similar to Luke’s Gospel in that Luke emphasizes more of Jesus’ life rather than his death. Luke emphasizes how Jesus lived a pure and holy life. This movie’s primary audience was most likely Christians worldwide. This movie shows how Jesus showed compassion and love to people. They are trying to convey that living a pure life full of love and compassion is just as important as Jesus’ death. This movie is trying to convey how Christians should live their lives. It should be a life full of love and compassion.
While Jesus was on the cross, there were two prisoners that were crucified with Jesus and one of the prisoners was mocking Jesus, while the other prisoner proclaimed that Jesus did nothing wrong. The prisoner said, “Remember me when you are me when You come in Your kingdom” (Harper Collins Study Bible; Luke 23;42 ). Jesus then replied, “truly I say to you shall be with me in paradise” (Luke 23;43). This shows how compassionate, kind, and loving Jesus is in the movie. He shows compassion to people who were outcasts and prisoners. The main point that the Son of God is trying to make to the intended Christian audience is that living a life of love and compassion is what Jesus cares about. If this was the only Jesus film that was ever made the theme would be to show love, compassion, and kindness to everyone you meet just like Jesus did.
In Son of God, Jesus shows mercy and kindness even to his enemies. When the Roman soldiers tried to arrest Jesus, Peter went on a rampage and attacked cut off a soldier’s right ear. Jesus showed kindness to his enemies that were trying to arrest him. Jesus healed the soldier’s right ear. This “gospel” not only tells us to show mercy to people who are poor and needy but we should also show mercy to people who are our enemies. This is also a component of living a holy life. It is to show mercy to your enemies.
Even though the Son of God movie emphasizes more on Jesus’ life; the Passion of Christ emphasizes more on Jesus death. The movie begins with Jesus praying to God, asking him to remove the burden that he will have to endure. The devil then comes and tempts Jesus, telling him that he will not be able to bear the burden that he is about to face. Then the scene immediately switches to Judas bringing a group of soldiers and he kisses Jesus. Jesus was taken by the Roman armies. The movie depicts how gruesome Jesus’ death was. This movie gives many people a glimpse of what Jesus went through while he was being crucified. Before The Passion of the Christ, there was no other movie that showed how gruesome of a death Jesus had experienced. This is what added to the controversy of the movie. This film was probably intended for Christians so that people would know what type of death that Jesus had. This movie did a good job showing how gruesome Jesus’ death was. This movie could also...

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