The Passion Of The Christ: A Film Review

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Title: The Passion of the ChristDirector: Mel GibsonActors: James Caviezel (Jesus of Nazareth)Matti Sbragia (Caiphas, The High Priest)Hristo Naumov Shopov (Pontius Pilate)Luca Lionello (Judas)Actress: Maia Morgenstern (Mary)Monica Bellucci (Mary Magdalene)Claudia Gerini (Pilates Wife)Rating "R"Personal Rating: + + + + + /5 crossesHE BLED FOR USThe movie that seems to be on the tip of everyone's tongue is The Passion of the Christ. This movie has created great controversy among many people and has created uproar in the Jewish community. When I viewed the movie and thought about what I read in the Gospels I found that there is a great resemblance between the two. The movie actually clarified the Gospel accounts and elaborated on them. There were many parts of Jesus' last hours on earth that were still very scarce almost confusing. The movie was very powerful and gave a visual account based on Mel Gibson's account of the Gospel's and portrayed with a great deal of accuracy. The Pope was able to view this movie so that he could compare the movie to the actual Gospel accounts of Jesus' apostles. After viewing the movie the Pope concluded by saying 'It is as it was'. This is especially powerful because it gives the Pope's approval of the movie and it's clarity towards the Gospels.There were many aspects of the movie that were worth mentioning but I will only mention a few. The first most noticeable aspect of the movie that is very important is the music. Most people wouldn't notice this, but the music; although very much in the background; created the mood. The music was powerful and melodic while it created drama and suspense. While listening to the music again it gives almost a scary feel and portrays the pain and suffering that Jesus endured for us. The composer, John Debussy feels very happy about the final product and the music that represented the devil. This arises my next point of mention. The depiction of the devil is quite interesting. The devil was played by a female actress, but also had many male qualities that created a balance. The devil had no eyebrows which is what for me gave it the feel that it was neither male nor female. The devil was very graceful and devious, which made the film very suspenseful. There was also the perfect balance in the Garden of Gesemane between good and evil, during the confrontation between Jesus and Satan. The use of Aramaic in the movie was, in my opinion, a great idea. It gave the viewer an idea of what it was like for Jesus to live in those...

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1407 words - 6 pages Passion PAGE 7 The Passion of the ChristJoseph Maczko02-27-2008"The Passion of the Christ" is one of the most graphic movies ever made about Jesus, but how does it hold up against Scripture? Does the movie take liberties in adding things to what we have in the Scriptures?"The Passion of the Christ" begins in the garden of Gethsemane were Jesus is praying. He stops and goes to where he left the disciples to pray. He finds them sleeping, wakes

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847 words - 3 pages anything. This film didn't make any direct reference to Mary actually being the birth mother of Christ; they simply said that she was his mother, which I thought was clever, as some religions don't believe in the Immaculate Conception. What I particularly liked was the fact that Gibson didn't Americanize the movie. It wasn't advertised with big clichéd lines like "This Winter Experience The Passion." It wasn't made in a Hollywood studio

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2662 words - 11 pages The Passion of the Christ was directed by Mel Gibson and released in 2004. Briefly, the movie follows the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth who has proclaimed himself as the Son of God. In the movie, Jesus is condemned for spreading his monotheistic beliefs in the Roman Empire of 33 A.D. The Passion of the Christ shows many aspects of Roman civilization throughout the movie including roman government at the time, how large a role