The Last Days Of Adolf Hitler And Nazi Germany

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The last days of Adolf Hitler’s control over Nazi Germany started in September of 1944 as the Allied forces are moving in with deadly force; leaving the Nazi forces to retreat on the Eastern front in large numbers.

Meanwhile Hitler was poisoning himself with anti-gas pills that contained strychnine. Giving him mildly harmful affects to his progressive arteriosclerosis. A disease that hardens the muscle and loses the flexibility in the medium and large arteries in the heart, making the heart pump blood a lot more slowly. This made Hitler not as involved publicly as he used to be. This eventually became a nuisance to his fellow Generals and SS officers.

While Hitler was away from his position as Fuhrer, the famous Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes Offensive) began with a German surprise attack called ‘Operation Autumn Mist’ on the advancing American army. The German army put in all possible reserves, over 200,000 infantry men with over 600 tanks to face a front of at least 80,000 American infantry men with 400 tanks. The Americans were very flustered and managed to make a strong defense and slow the Nazi’s for one month; exhausting the Nazi’s supplies and forcing them to surrender. Hitler’s last glimmer of hope to continue to expand his empire was crushed.

After failing ‘Operation Autumn Mist’, Hitler gave up hope on his country, men, and legacy; and came to the conclusion that his losses were not faulted by his strategy, judgment, or leadership, but the German people who followed his direct orders. As a punishment of failing to their Country, Hitler decided if he was to be defeated in this war; then his people would do the same. The Axis powers in the Eastern front would keep fighting.

Hitler, still fuming from the embarrassing loss on the Ardennes Offensive, became aware of the Soviet offense that was aimed towards Berlin. Unfortunately the Soviets army was so massively large that it was overwhelming. German general Staff said that the Red army’s numbers were in the 2,000,000’s while the Germans were in the 400,000’s. They also calculated that their infantry was outnumbered 11 to1, their tanks were 7 to 1, and their firepower was 20 to 1. Hitler ultimately decided to remove all of his troops from the western part Europe, to the East.

The strategy Hitler made proved to be a complete failure. Soviet troops were demolishing Nazi held cities in nights and Soviet air power controlled the skies making the German forces diminished. In some cities German forces were so surrounded that they had to retreat westward to the allied held territory. Hitler in retaliation to his major losses, he had major generals and officers that could help him win the war arrested and interrogated by the head of Third Reich Security. He even went as far to accuse two officers of treason which was to give both officers the punishment of death.
After giving orders to the German army to advance to the East, Hitler fled to a top secret air raid shelter...

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