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The Past Of South Korea Essay

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South Korea is famous of fastest-developed nation in the world; actually South Korea was a really poor country in past era. Many Koreans struggled with starvation because of the Korean War. As a Korean, I would like to introduce the history of my motherland. To write my country, I found many sources from my high school textbook. Yunhun Kim is a professor in Seoul University; he wrote Korean history textbook, South Korea Past to Present, for high school. This book explains well about fact of South Korea in the past era; I will use this book to explain South Korea in the 1960s. Also, Sunghwan Ban writes a book, Growth Rates of Korean Agriculture, 1918-1971, to states that how Korea develops well from agriculture. I used this book as same as my textbook. Moreover, Knowledge Management and Management Learning; by Walter Beats is found in Google Website. This book accounts the meaning of infrastructure and social structure. That will be on my essay. South Korea: A Country Study by Matels Savada and Williams Shaw gives an explanation of South Korea as the viewpoint of foreign. Lastly, Okyu Kwon is also graduate student in KAIST in South Korea; he made a power point, which is called “Korea’s Infrastructure Development Experiences”. I searched in Google and found these sources. I will use those sources to support and explain South Korean in the 1960s. How South Korea formulates their base ground in the 1960s to be a powerful nation. How infrastructure, social structure and ideology were made South Korea in the 1960s.
Primarily, when people think about Asia, many people immediately think Japan, China and Korea. Have you ever noticed that South Korea was one of the poorest country in the past unlike others? Once, South Korea had been getting assistance from the others. Now, South Korea is the fastest growing country; moreover, South Korea joins the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. To explain the background of South Korea’s growth, we need to focus on 1960s in South Korea. On that period the United States and the Soviet Union start to fight. In the aftermath of the cold war system, North and South separated Korea. That remained still as South Korea and North Korea.
In the past, as different as Japan and China, Korea did not open the gate to Western countries. They kept themselves from other country visits lastly. According to Andreas Matels Savada and Williams Shaw, many of South Koreans were farmers in the 1960s unlike others. Almost 60 percent of them lives in rural (165). They still lives depend on nature. Therefore, if there is a rainy season, they could not do farm work. They are storing their food in their personal storage before the rainy season. The rainy season comes every August. People in South Korea live traditionally. They did not have any knowledge about technology except the weapon. They just live by natural objects such land. Therefore, if someone has a huge land, then they are called rich people. This is...

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