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The Past, Present, And Now Essay

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The play FOUR written by Tristan Lutze is a ten-minute play that focuses on a relationship. In just those short ten minutes so much is conveyed about the two people in the relationship. In the introduction the play starts of with the man, Tom, sitting on the bed and the woman, her name never given, comes into the bedroom and begins to talk. She makes the audience aware that they just met and that they just had a one-night stand, but she wants it to be more than that. She states that she does not do things like one-night stands and she asks him does he want her to stay or leave. She is bubbly, happy, and excited about him, her, and everything. This is the first conflict of the ...view middle of the document...

She does not know what to do about it and she wants his input but like always he is just sitting quietly on the bed. She is under distress and she is looking to him for some guidance and like usual he is giving her nothing. She storms out of the room in anger and yet another one of her, fast-forwarded into the future, comes in to talk to him. She brings in the falling action. When she enters she makes Tom aware that she needs him to do more with himself. She wants him to take initiative and control of some aspects of his life, but instead he is still just silent and sitting. She states that she has been in this relationship for four years and he has not really contributed anything into it and she is getting tired of it. She is upset that he does not treat her differently then anyone else. He is suppose to love her and yet he does not say it or show it to her so she feels that she has wasted her time with him. She feels that these last four years were useless and not that important. At this point time she decides to leave which is the resolution. After she leaves, he finally says I love you and the play ends.

In the play FOUR, the number four is significant. Tom and her were together for four years. On stage there were four separate times of her, I believe one for each year of their relationship. Like I said before, each of her that came before her when she finally left where just memories he had of her during the most important times in their relationship. Each year you can see that she has changed and matured from the year before. She is growing personality wise every year, while he stays the same. In the last year together she states that she has been here with him and she has gone through many things and that has shaped her over time, but he does not do anything. Absolutely nothing changes about him whether for the good or the bad, he stays the same. I think that there was some significance in him saying that he loved her at the end of the play when she left. I believe that he always loved her and cared about her it is just that he just did not know how to tell her how he felt.

In my...

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