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The Last Supper Painting By Leonardo Da Vinci

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The Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da VinciTalk about artists who liked doing the extraordinary by experimenting with new ideas in the painting world, and Leonardo Da Vinci stands out as the undisputed King of artistic adventure. It is the inherent weaknesses and unique features of the Last Supper Painting that however depicts what every new invention can either stand out or fail miserably. Leonardo's painting has gone down as having achieved both fetes.As opposed to other masterpieces by Leonardo and other artists, this was done on Tempera as opposed to a Fresco. Tempera was his discovery and was made from egg yolk, vinegar and painting oil. This combination enabled him to use more colors and keep redoing the artistic work until he was satisfied with the final image. He painted the Last Supper on a dry plaster measuring 15 by 29 feet at the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, Italy. Due to the sheer size of the painting among other things, Leonardo worked on the paint for four years between 1495 and 1498.Leonardo uses lines to create a perspective of the room, where the windows are seen in the background, apostles divided in groups of three people each surrounding Jesus and also helps to define the body postures of the apostles. With the use of lines, he is also able to create different facial expressions on the apostles.The first group at the left hand side look surprised, while the other group containing Judas is of reveals different facial expressions as does the two other groups. Judas is clearly identified because he clutches a purse in the painting, as does Peter because he holds a knife.With the help of the lines, it is clear that Jesus was the center of attention. In addition, the lines help define the room. It is also worth noting that the windows in the background are in geometric shapes. Straight lines are also used to define the door and the ceiling, while curved lines used to define the different physical shapes of the apostles.Colors used in the Last Supper Painting are diverse and all portray different aspects of the clothes that the apostles wore as well as the food on the table. Da Vinci managed to create harmony in the painting by balancing the colors well.Light is balanced well and creates soft features on every one sitting at the table, except Judas who it seems his face was covered by the shadows. The light also illuminates the walls and the door giving an observer the perception that it was not dark outside. "The door's decorative molding, which probably simulated different wood grains, is embellished at the center by a clypeus motif in light." (Barcilon, C. p335)The Perspective of the painting is one directional. At such, an observer can clearly see the content of the painting. As opposed to other paintings which depicts Judas as a solitary figure in the...

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