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In patent protection, organizations are gaining knowledge in finding the protection it needs to secure their inventions. The question of who had invented the technology is the role Japan played in Fusion's international strategy and the public policy implications of the dispute. Power can mean several things to different people. For some, the more power they have, the more successful they feel and for others power served of no interest at all.
To start off, the recommended course of actions to take in filing a patent to secure patent protection would include having a patent search with detailed patentability assessment, this would mean determining if the invention can be patented. Then do a search to see if there is prior art. In that way, a professional searcher working with a patent attorney in combination will always be able to find prior art patent and pending applications that you did not know about. Following that, prepare and file a nonprovisional patent application to see if your invention is something unique compared with the prior art. Then the next thing would be to file a professional illustration for nonprovisional patent application which helps others understand your invention.
For the most part, the type of power that a patent provides to a company is having knowledge that the company is credible. Donald M. Spero, whom worked for fusion, invented ultraviolet lamps. In this matter, Fusion would be considered to have expert power. As referenced by theorists French and Raven who identified this power as a more effective use of knowledge and expertise conveyed by people. The terminology of Expert power relates to the case study, in that Fusion had the knowledge to develop a core technology that manufactured high intensity ultraviolet lamps. With this power of knowledge other companies such as Mitsubishi used their knowledge to use towards their own products and were able to manufacture a similar product. Within a firm, expert power is the type of power that a company would want to gain in terms of management.
Moreover, in an organization, people need to believe in the goal of the company’s ability to set a worthwhile direction, while giving sound guidance and coordination to receive a good result. This is because a company gains with knowledge and will be more productive for the future of the company. This is what I would consider having control of information; your team within the company looks to you for direction and guidance. Mitsubishi used a political strategy to gain power over fusion by offering a deal. This deal insisted that Fusion would not be sued for patent infringement if the company paid Mitsubishi a royalty for the privilege of using ‘’its’’ patents in Japan. According to the contingency model, Mitsubishi would try to influence Fusion by trying to gain a favorable reaction, by trying to avoid a punishable one. In this instance, Mitsubishi wanted to refrain from taking this matter to the courts. Seeking a...

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