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The Path Of Hudud Inside The Harem

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Dreams of Trespass follows the story of a young girl, Mernissi, who was raised in a conventional Moroccan harem that holds realms of enchantment and disparage. Through her day to day life trifles of the harem life are shown. In Mernissi's growing up she is taught by her surrounding elders about the hudud that is often refereed to as the “sacred frontier”. This frontier is expected to be respected out of custom for Muslims. Disrespecting the hudud was to earn sorrow and unhappiness. The hudud though was composed of different kinds of frontiers inside life in the harem some being visible and some not. All of these frontiers were desired to be breached by many women though aforementioned to be an act of transgression.
Mernissi constantly questions the elders in her life, her mother and aunts who all shut her down from asking questions. Some of her questions seem to hold little or no importance and that they are just those of a child. But with further examination, it is really the life in the harem that is being tested. Mernissi's life in the harem is mainly shaped by this frontier that no one was answering her questions about. “In a harem, you don’t necessarily ask questions to get answers. You ask questions just to understand what is happening to you” (Mernissi, 22). The education she received was all centered on knowing the hudud, the frontiers of harem life. This understanding of the hudud pays attention to the culture and cultural practices. In Mernissi's practices, discussion with her family, and composed thoughts of the hudud help her understand how the hudud is a sacred frontier that needs to be respected and obeyed. This concept illustrates the somewhat religious orientation on boundary lines and frontiers. It specifically, it brings up the differences of what is allowable and what is prohibited to the frontier. Beyond question, the hudud is related to centrally on women's obedience to the "sacred frontier" which helps consign them exclusively to the realm of the private. These frontiers are thought to be separate, but their positioning between worlds inside and outside the harem indicates the state of alternative ways of life, and of possibilities of trespass and negotiation lines.

Mernissi comes to acknowledges that the hudud...

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