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The Path Of Least Resistance Essay

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In the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the speaker brings up the idea of choices. In every person’s life they must make choices whether they be big or small, each could be life changing. They may have to make a decision without much information as to what it would bring in the future. The speaker demonstrates this by stating in the poem that both paths are equally worn and both had seen about the same amount of travel. This leads one to believe that the speaker wanted to project the idea that each path could be one in the same and that the traveler would not know the outcome of either path. The poem demonstrates the choices that the speaker must make, the outcome of the speaker’s ...view middle of the document...

This would make it harder for the speaker to choose which path would be better due to not knowing the path less traveled. The thirteenth line states that the speaker saved the first path for another day, this insinuates that the speaker took the grassy path. This path does not have the undergrowth as the first one does and may prove to be an easier travel. Also in the last few lines of the third stanza the speaker seems to feel that even though they know the way back to both paths. (S) He is unsure of whether they will return to take the first path not traveled.
In the fourth stanza the speaker talks about the path taken after time has passed, as s (he) would be telling someone about the travel. The first line in this stanza seems to show that the speaker has some regrets or wonders about the path that (s) he did not take. The speaker may be trying to convey that if s (he) could have gone back to the first path they may have chosen that path. In the second line, “Somewhere ages and ages, hence:” this is what supports the idea of the story being told in the future. The speaker looks back to the two roads diverged in a wood and states that they took the road that was...

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