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The Path Of Recovery Is For Everyone

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Hardships are terrible but a normal part of everybody’s life. No matter what the hardship was or is, anybody can recover. In the books and movie we have viewed in class, they show issues to the extreme. When Jeannette escapes the depths of Welch and her parents, her life was smooth sailing afterwards. When you have a life as traumatizing as hers, It is expected for more struggles to occur later in life. Not everybody will be as fortunate as her and trot with no regression. Lily ran away from home with no clue where she was headed, other than a town written on a picture. Liz had drug addicted parents and no plans on education. She reached a life altering decision and started going to school ...view middle of the document...

Just the thrill of actually leaving was enough for Lily at first, but then she realized she had nowhere to go. Thanks to the one clue her mother left behind, she was fortunate to find a promoting place to live. Lily finally got the new start she desired, working with Zach and taking care of the bees. She felt a strong connection with Zach and liked him, but due the the racism in the era they lived in, it was a hopeless romance. Not everything went her way, as it had for Jeannette, but she still bettered herself greatly with a new beginning.
Liz’s story relates a little more to Jeannette’s life more than Lily. Instead of just having one parent addicted to drugs, both of hers were. As a younger girl, Liz thought her life was hopeless and meaningless. She decided to give up and terminate school from her life. For a huge portion of her childhood, she would just stay at home and listen as her mother begged and pleaded for money so she could purchase drugs. Eventually she was taken away from her parents and put into a group home. The only thing her father knew to say as they were taking her away was “She is a feminist.” Her father knew so little about her this was obviously pointed out. After seeing how bad of a life it was in there, she vowed to herself to do better. Unfortunately, she was convinced by a newly found friend Chris, to live a homeless life on the streets. Thankfully Liz decided to do right and found a school that would accept her. She was so successful with her work that she decided to apply for a big time scholarship. When announced that she was getting the honor of having the scholarship she was filled with joy and relief. This meant she could go to college, and finally fit in with the norm of society.
Dani Johnson was a poor twenty-one year old girl. She was 35,000 dollars in debt and living out of her car. She was so far in the gutter, she wasn’t sure if it was possible to escape. With her only...

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