The Path To A Modern World Of Disorder

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Terrorism instills fear into many of us. It has haunted the people of the world since the beginning of time. It has caused the rise and fall of many empires; it has given people the gain of power. In addition to the gain of power, there are many other causes of terrorism, such as hate, religion, and politics. Most people believe that there is nothing excusable or justifiable with any an act of terrorism, whether it is committed by religious fundamentalists, people's resistance movements, private militia, or that of a war retribution by a recognized government. Terrorism is a growing problem in our world and with it brings instability.
The most feared terrorism for Americans, as determined in an April 1999 survey, revealed bombings on U.S. soil (Cole, 1999). One of the most feared forms of terrorism in the world is biological warfare. It is capable of killing thousands within a few days to even more over time; it is the most effective form of terrorism (Gaines,1987). For example, all it would take is a small amount of a powered virus, like anthrax, easily spread airborne in a public place (Snow, 1997).
Terrorism is traced back to the days of ancient Egypt where history reveals people killing leaders of countries in an attempt to overthrow the government. Many political figures have been assassinated, like King Tut in Egypt who was poisoned by political rivals of the Roman Senate; Caesar, another terrorist victim, was killed by his best friend Brutus; John Wilkes Booth, an angry southerner of the Civil War, was assassinated Abraham Lincoln; and John F. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Terrorism has amplified for more than the past century birthing a new threat of weapons -weapons of mass destruction.
America has a long tract record of battling with other countries. A partial list of countries that America has been at war with since World War II are China, Korea, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, the Belgian Congo, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Libya, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Libya (Roy, 2002).
The bombing of Afghanistan, though appearing to be revenge for New York and Washington, was actually yet another act of terror as viewed by some; an act against the people of the world. Each innocent person that is killed adds to the loss; it does not make it equal for the lives lost in Washington and New York (Roy, 2002).
When President George W. Bush announced the air strikes he said, "we're a peaceful nation." Tony Blair, America's favorite ambassador who also holds the portfolio of British prime minister,...

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