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The Paths We Choose Essay

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To take someone’s life; is it truly wrong? This is not that simple of a question, because every time a life is taken it isn’t out of cold blood. Sometimes it is just the opposite of that thought. The portrayal of George and Carlson in the book Of Mice and Men is of life takers. They differ by moral standings; the bonds they share with the character is life they take, and how take that character's life affects them. While George takes a life out of mercy, Carlson did what he thought was necessary. They made the same decision for different reasons and different understandings of why it had to be done.
George is hot tempered older brother figure to Lennie who is a big and gentle but deadly guy; on the other hand, Carlson is a ranch hand with no really close connections. George was asked by Aunt Clara to promise to take care of Lennie. He sees Lennie as a kid brother that doesn’t know any better; George is life bound to Lennie, not just thought the promise he made, but George’s own love for him. When Lennie is sad to calm him down, he invented a story of a ranch with bunnies with the promise that they leave, and go there when they are old. He cares for Lennie so much he starts to believe his own story; Skip town leaves jobs just for Lennie sake. Carlson is a selfish man. If something no longer has a use, he gets rid of it “that dog was a great sheep dog in it prime” is something Candy would have said to Carlson. If something has no value there’s no need for it to exist anymore. Basically Carlson cutting himself off from others, so he won't get attached to them once they are no longer usefully. He will shed them like a snake shad’s skin, but while it may sound bad, it’s not. He’s a simple guy; if it has no use, why do I need it around not that he’s heartless, just clueless of true bonds that come with friendship.
When Clarkson kills the dog he looks at like it a job, and someone had to do it, George kills Lennie to spare him of the wrath of the mob, pain and free him of any danger that might come his way. He could not bear to see Lennie hurt by anyone, than took it upon himself sacrifice his sanity and soul for Lennie. Even though he took Lennie’s life, he knew someone would, if not Curly someone at...

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