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The Patrior Act Is Unconstitutional Essay

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On September 11th, hijackers took over four planes; collided into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the fourth into a field near Skanksville, Pennsylvania. 2,973 victims and the 19 hijackers died in a result of these attacks. ( They were conceived to be a range of suicides by al-Qaeda. In return, Americans assembled together like never before. The Nation was in need of answers and subject to vulnerability. The president at the time, George W. Bush, launched the War On Terror and also put into effect the Patriot Act.
This Act gave law enforcement the right to search telephone, e-mail, medical, financial, and other records. It also gave the law enforcement an abundance of rights that pertain to detaining and deporting immigrants that are suspect of terrorism-related acts. ( The Patriot Act lessoned the rights of the people and gave the government more say so in the lives of Americans. Both Republicans and Democrats dismay prejudice in any form but there are different views of the Patriot Act, which is the only way this behavior was made possible through indefinite detention. Indefinite detention, is the act of arresting a individual without a trail. This strips the individual of all human rights. ( Both the Democrats and Republican passed the Patriot Act in the Senate in 2001, with little knowledge of what it would entail. ( There is not a record of who voted for or against it, considering it was a verbal ballot. Today there is pensive controversy over the Patriot Act. Most Democrats are opposed to it and feel it needs some revising while Republicans want to make it permanent. They have pushed the date back another year for review
Although there were numerous Arab Muslims that were regarded responsible for September 11th, there were still many living and working in the United States that were entirely without fault. After the attacks, Arab Muslim men were arrested by the FBI, numbers in the thousands. Javaid Iqbal, who was one of these men and considered “high interest”, was imprisoned at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. After being released, Javaid accused the Detention Center of mistreatment while in their custody. A few of these accusations included: confinement from the other prisoners, direct contact with blinding light for twenty-three hour spans, and the air conditioning in full blast, even during the winter months. Javaid brought a suit against the Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, and FBI alleging 21 violations of his statutory and constitutional right. The Us court of appeals for the second circuit stated that since these allegations were directly after the attacks of September 11th the court is going to hold them in to special regards. The court acknowledged all accounts by the...

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