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The Patriot Act Vs Civil Liberties

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Is the patriot act necessary if it protects but threatens our civil liberates? The patriot act threatens civil liberates. The U.S. is spying without the people’s consent. The patriot act will prevent terrorist attacks on the United States. The patriot act can be used to catch wanted criminals. The patriot act protects the people from danger but jeopardizes their civil rights.
“We have to make a balance between security and civil liberties.”(Sensenbrenner 2). The patriot act was passed with very little congressional debate. The public was unaware of its passing. Our security is over protective because rights are being broken. Our rights should matter more to the government because the security is overprotective. Is the patriot act too harsh and invading our privacy?
“Many opponents have come to see the patriot act as a violation of the fourth amendment to the U. S constitution.” (Belanger, Newton 2). The side effect of the patriot act is that it weakens many rights. This act weakens the fourth amendment which is our privacy protection. The fourth amendment allows citizens to be protected from unreasonable searches without a warrant. The police search suspects mainly because of their race or ethnic group.
“Many people who were detained on suspicion of their connection to al Qaeda or other anti-American terrorists groups were innocent.” (Belanger, Newton 2). The patriot act weakens the right from protection of unreasonable searches the searches may be racist based on the person’s image. The people who were suspects of terrorism were accused of wrong doing. They had their civil rights taken away and they turned out to be innocent. It is not fair for people getting accused because they look a certain way.
“The NSA’s inspector general reported twelve cases in which officers abused their power with spying.”(Lara, Jakes 2). Edward Snowden gives the nation a new view of the NSA. Edward Snowden exposes the NSA and how they are spying on America without our consent. People with access to the NSA’s technology are abusing their power. Do you feel comfortable with a stranger reading your texts and listening to your phone calls?
“Rep. James Sensenbrenner says he was “appalled and angry” to learn thus year that the NSA was sweeping up millions of Americans’ phone records each day.”(Lara, Jakes 1). The NSA officers are abusing their authority. They are spying on ex lovers and close friends. These analysts have too much power and are violating the public’s rights. Our personal information is for our viewing only not the NSA’s.
The telephone has shown to have very little importance in surveillance. “Congressional aides in both the House and the Senate predict that lawmakers untimely will eliminate it.”(Lara, Jakes 2). Spying on telephone calls will not help security because many criminals or terrorists know they are being listened to. Also most people today communicate via text message. Then why is NSA still...

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