The Pattern Of Residential Lot Size Zoning In Guangzhou, China

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Residential areas refer to spaces of land generally considered for housing activities, rather than for commercial and industrial purposes. On the other hand, zoning is the process by which the local government determines the uses of land for different purposes by designating each activity to a given piece of land using a map of zones, which include residential, industrial, commercial and forest activities among others. Residential zoning, therefore, is the process by which the government control or oversee the constructions that are strictly for residential purposes, governed by laws and mostly in use in developed cities. This essay is an in-depth analysis of residential zoning practises, with a focus on the case of the pattern of residential lot size zoning in Guangzhou, China.
To achieve this mandate, the paper shall first bring the reader abreast with the nature of the region in the present study, which will be followed by an outlook of Zoning in major cities in general. The third section of this paper will then narrow the study to the focus of the present paper, which is the pattern of residential lot size zoning in Guangzhou, which will be followed by recommendations and conclusive summary.
Historical Background of Guangzhou
Guangzhou is a city located in Guangdong, int he people’s Republic of China, and is the largest in the province North East of Macau and North West of Hong Kong. It is also known as Kwanchow and Canton and it the third largest of the Chinese cities, with a population of 13 million as of 2011 (Brinkhoff 11). It is situated to the South of China, on the Pearl River Delta, combining with Zongshan, Jiangmen, Foshan, Donnguan, and Shenzhen to form the Pearl River Delta Mega City of more than 40 million inhabitants. The city has a mixed topology, with its front facing the Indian Ocean and its back turned to the mountains, with Tinatang Peak being the tallest mountain of the region. Additionally, the region enjoys subtropical climates.
The administrative structure of the region is such that it has a sub-provincial status, with eleven districts, with the government planning to combine the cities of Foshan and Guangzhou. Additionally, there are plans by the government, passed in 2009, which aimed at increasing the development of the entire region of Pearl River Delta. As of 2014, the mayor of the region is Chen Jianhua, and the CPC secretary is Wan Qignliang. The region has a GPD of $249 billion and per capita income of $17,558, with an annual economic growth rate of 12.5 percent, making it a beta city in the global ranking (O'Connor 34).
According to the 2010 census results, the 10 districts in the region had Biyun District registering the highest number of people, whereas Conghua district registered the lowest at 2.2 million and 593,000 respectively. By comparison, the other districts were populated in the following manner: Yuexiu (1.16), Liwan (898,000), Haizhu (1.56), Tainhe (1.43), Huangpu (831,600),...

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