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The Pca Essay

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The PCA Citizens who believe that the police have exceeded their powers can
complain to the police authorities. Any complaint that has been made
about a conduct of a police officer must be recorded. The type of
complaints that have been made determines how it is dealt with,
although the police are under a duty to take steps to obtain or
preserve any evidence that would be relevant to the complaint. If the
complaint were of a minor incident then the matter would be dealt with
informally, and if the complaint is proved, then the individual who
made the complaint will receive an apology. However, if disciplinary
action is thought to be needed then the police force concerned with
the incident should investigate the matter, but if it involves a high
ranking officer, then the investigation would be carried out by
another police force.

The PCA is an independent body set up by the Government to oversee
public complaints against police officers in the 43 police services in
England and Wales. The powers of the PCA are now governed by the
Police Act 1996.

The PCA supervises investigations into complaints against police
officers in England and Wales.

To make an official complaint, you can go to any police station to
make your complaint, the senior officer on duty who will probably be
an inspector or a sergeant will see you. If you do not wish to go to
the police station then you can do one of the following, visit your
local Citizens Advice Bureau. They can tell you if you've got grounds
for a complaint; you can visit your local Racial Equality Council, if
you think your complaint might be about a racial incident; contact
your solicitor or your Member of Parliament; get someone else to put
forward your complaint, for example, your local Citizens Advice
Bureau, the Law Centre, a neighbour or a friend. You will need to
write a letter authorising them to make the complaint on your behalf;
write to the chief constable of the police service concerned or, in
London, to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service,
explaining in full what your complaint is about; or write directly to
the PCA and they will forward your complaint directly to the correct
police service.

When making a complaint, the following has to be included when making
a complaint. You must say what happened; when it happened; what was
done; what was said; whether there were any witnesses, other than
yourself and the officer; can the witnesses be contacted; and what
proof, if any, exists of any damage or injury.

An internal investigating officer appointed from the complaints and
discipline department of the service whose officer is the subject of
the complaint, undertakes most investigations.

An external...

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