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The Pearl Of Chapter 7 Essay

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A dreary chill blew across Juana. The thought of not being able to be with Coyotito drew her to a state of insanity. As for Kino, he could not bare to look at himself in the mirror because a part of his soul was gone. All along he believed, the pearl was his source of elation, but what he did not realize was that it was his beloved child who brought him joy. And for the town, they simply read the story of Kino and Juana as a learning lesson.
Kino spent most of his time in a canoe- a new canoe, a contemporary object in his life. This was supposedly an exchange for the old boat, and like the other sentimental objects in his life; the boat is no longer apart of his existence. It has been a tough time for the village members of La Paz. For, they all start to ponder what they have done which could contribute to the death of baby, Coyotito. The original pearl buyers, whom always were in collusion, can only regret cheating Kino because then he would have not traveled all the way to the capitol. The greedy doctor who always put himself first, started to feel remorseful for not accepting Coyotito as a patient. Juana replays the scenario where she says “no” to Kino, in such a way this makes her feel, that she is responsible for her child’s death. Primarily, Kino cannot forgive himself for placing a malignant pearl before his very own innocent infant.
Months have passed where Kino and Juana have not spoken a single word with one another in a civil manner. It always concludes to them playing the ‘blaming charade’, as to who is in fault for the passing of their juvenile. Laconism is the only thing remaining in their household. The deafening silence builds up animosity not only in Juana but Kino, as well considering it only gives them more duration to replay that night over like a movie in their mind. He cannot help but permit himself to be reminded of Coyotito when looking into the eyes of Juana,...

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