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The Pearl´S Point Of View: A Ficticious Story Adapted From John Steinbeck´S The Pearl

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Chapter One: Sitting in the same same oyster, the oyster I was in since birth. The oyster opens and closes time and time again, giving me only quick glimpses of the outside world. Time goes on... Nothing happens. No one has discovered me yet. I wait and wait to spread my evil. Schools of fish shimmer by, and seaweed floats above me. Nothing happens. Rays of light sparkle through the water. A mighty wave pushes me closer to the sea.
Chapter 2: Suddenly, the ray of light is covered by a familiar boat. A gray rock splashes in the water and soon a man slowly floats carrying a basket. I begin to sing my song and the man immediately spots me. He wretches my oyster and brings us along on the rest ...view middle of the document...

The doctor proclaims that the baby is still sick, and he’s the only one that can heal him. That fool Kino believed him and said he would repay him by selling me, something I knew would never happen. The doctor offered to take and protect me, but Kino can be somewhat smart and doesn’t trust him. Before, he goes to sleep, Kino uncovers me and digs another hole under his sleeping mat for me. Surrounded by moist dirt, I am still able to hear the sound of two men fighting. The women, whose name is Juana, runs to over to Kino and tries to convince him to destroy me. Unfortunately for her, I have already spread my evil into Kino. The Kino she knows is gone, replaced with a man with a heart as black as the night.
Chapter 4:
Todays the day Kino will attempt to get rid of me. He walks through the town with a sea of followers behind him staring in awe at the sight of me. Little did they know that Kino would not sell me, no price would be satisfactory for a pearl such as myself. Kino’s pesky brother keeps offering advice. Once we reach the office, my prediction is fulfilled, no price is good enough for Kino. Outraged, we return to his house planning...

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