The Pearl, The Good Earth, And Silas Marner

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One major theme that runs through The Pearl, The Good Earth, and Silas Marner is the impact of money on the lives of the characters. All three books vividly incorporate this theme in different ways. Money can greatly alter the way of life of any individual. It can be an advantage or a disadvantage. These three authors used this theme in these novels to show the reader the impact money can have on a person.
In John Steinbeck’s, The Pearl, the village of La Paz is alive with greed. Everyone wants something from the main character, Kino. The doctor wants money for treating Kino's baby. The priest wanted money to fix the church. The townspeople also wanted money. The village is over come by evil from this one man's good fortune. The doctor’s greed over money is revealed when he would not treat Kino's baby because Kino had nothing to pay him with. When the doctor heard of Kino's sudden wealth, he said Kino was his client. The Pearl and its fortune transformed the town into something full of continual desire and jealousy. Everyone was affected and wanted something from the pearl. Kino was the only one in the way. The doctor wanted money for "curing" the child. The priest wanted money to fix the church. The shopkeepers, the pearl buyers, and the rest of the town wanted money for their own purposes. The pearl was a poison that ruined many good people and made the evil people worse and they didn’t stop until Kino’s life was destoryed.
Another way the impact of money is illustrated was in Pearl S. Buck’s, The Good Earth. This author clearly illustrated how much Wang Lung and his family depended on the earth and if the earth did not grow crops, they would die of hunger. Furthermore, Wang Lung and his family desperately depend on the earth to live and...

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1997 words - 8 pages .   “George Eliot ends the book with conventional happiness which reflects the moral code approved at the time of writing - the good are rewarded while the evil are punished”(Letice 142).   Works Cited and Consulted: Austen, Henry. Redemption of Silas Marner. 1970. 225,229,230. Ashton, Rosemary. George Eliot. Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press, 1983. Bennett, Joan. George Eliot Her Mind and Her Art. Cambridge

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