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The Pelicans Class Essay

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Cole Girard
Mr. Moore
Pelican Paper
The Pelicans Class
The pelican is a bird one of the many birds that are from the group of water birds. The pelican is widely known among people because it has such a huge bill and also has a pouched throat. The pelicans name comes from the scientific name called the Pelecanus which is the genus that the bird is in. The pelican’s kingdom and phylum are Animalia and the Chordata. The pelican is derived from the class of Aves which is the class from what all birds are from.
Information about the Pelican
The pelican is a very unique bird because it’s a rather large bird and has an enormous beak which the curved end of it serves as a pouch for catch or for water. The male pelican has a larger and more perturbing bill than the female pelican. The pelican has air sacs like most birds so that it is able to fly at high altitudes and breathe and it’s also serves as a cushion for the bird so that when its sits on the surface of the water it will have the ability to float in the water. The pelican hunts mostly small fish and other small sea creatures and sometimes but rarely other birds. They can also fly up to 35 miles per hour while in full flight which is pretty fast for a bird its size.
The Pelicans Habitat
The Pelican habitat is mainly in warm regions where the climate is never cold. Pelicans live by the ocean mainly because they feed off of fish in the ocean which is why having such long bills is necessary. Pelicans do nest inland mainly on trees but if not trees are available they nest on the ground mainly on marshes so they are close to the water and are able to support their young by catching fish and keeping it in there bill so that when they have to feed the younglings the mother pelican will open its bill and allow the youngling to grab the small fish and eat it out of its mother bill. The pelican is makes normal nests for its young mainly made of twigs and sticks like most birds.
Pelicans are mainly found along the North America and South American coast as well as Australia Tasmania where they also live along the coast. Pelicans are never found in Antarctica mainly because they cannot thrive there and that they need to live near open water supplies whereas Antarctica almost all the water is frozen over. Pelicans don’t live near deep water areas mainly because they will not be able to catch fish and survive.
The Pelicans Life Cycle and Reproduction
Pelicans like most birds find a mate during breeding season and mate. Pelicans however chase after their mate and clash their bills at each other this process can last for an entire day but usually at the end they usually end up mating. All types of Pelicans do this type of procedure in order to impress the female mate. Pelicans breed in large number of up to 50,000 pairs of pelicans. When the female is ready to lay eggs the male will get the materials needed to make a nest for the eggs. The female usually lays two eggs and rarely more. Both the male and...

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