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The People Of Tomorrow Essay

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The People of Tomorrow
Technology is progressing very rapidly, and is hurting today’s society. People are abusing the uses of technology. The Internet, which first begun in the mid-1970s, has made huge impact on our generation today. It has its benefits such as brain cell research and the cure for Cancer. People are abusing its uses. Online shopping, playing games, and social media are just some of the ways people abuse technology. Although technology has done great things for society such as medical research, it also gives society a way to isolate themselves by having access to virtually anything, with the touch of a mouse.
I’ve realized that I have become overly dependent on my IPhone. I ...view middle of the document...

It was the longest 24 hours of my life. I turned my cell phone off and even the television. With all the extra spare time I was able to catch up on a lot o school work.
Smart phones such as Androids and IPhones are also becoming popular. You can send emails, send text messages, search the Internet, take pictures, and make calls from one device. Ten years ago text messages wasn’t popular. These small but powerful phones have not reached their limit, every year they are progressing. These phones are hand held computers. People average 2 hours on their phones everyday.
Television is also one of the most popular things about technology. It has evolved tremendously. Older televisions had antennas that required a signal. Now televisions are in HD (High Definition) and 3-D. Kids are practically glued to the T.V. Going outside and playing until dusk is becoming very obsolete. Children rather watch television shows all day than go outside. This is becoming harmful to their health. As youth, not being active can develop health risks at a very early age.
When I was younger I wasn’t into television shows. I enjoyed going outside and playing until it was night time. I’ve evolved with technology. I went from being outside everyday to playing games all day. Going outside and playing basketball with my friends and getting dirty kept me healthy as a young boy. Now I rather sit inside and watch TV and text all day. This is not a healthy habit. It hard to break this habit because I'm so used to the every day routine. Which consist of going to class then being glued to phone. In high school my grades were slipping because I was more interested in the media online than my school work.
When I was just about ten years old technology wasn’t what it is today. I can vividly remember having a MySpace. I checked it maybe once a week if that. I had a lot of friends on MySpace who...

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