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The People That Influenced A Lot About My Writing And Reading Process. Peking University Assignment

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The start of my reading and writing learning
Everyone has their own teachers who taught them great and unforgettable reading and writing skills, which can influence one’s whole life, including their habits, character, and personal accomplishments. For most people, parents are their first and best teachers and then is the school teacher. For me, my mother and one of my Chinese teachers in my middle school play the main role during the learning process of my reading and writing. They both taught me a lot not only in my reading and writing but also in telling the truth of life.
My family was poor when I was about six years old, so I didn’t get the chance to go to kindergarten at that age. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t being educated on learning the Chinese words. Thanks to my mom, I got an unforgettable memory of how I acquired the ability of writing and reading many Chinese words. Although my parents couldn’t get a notebook or a copy book for me to write, my mother used many materials such as abandoned cigarette boxes or a piece of cardboard serving as a paper for me to write Chinese words. For the best use of these materials, she used a tape and a ball-pen to make many little identical square cells according to the size of the material. Besides, at the beginning of every line, she wrote a Chinese word as a model. Then I would imitate it to write my own Chinese words in the following square cells. At first, I didn’t know how to write the words in a right way but more like drawing a picture, which is one of the big problems about my writing. In this condition, my mother would hold my right hand to write the words until I knew the correct stroke numbers and order of writing them. By a lot of practices, I finally found the feeling to write a neat Chinese word.
In my memory, my mother didn’t get high quality of education, so she just knew a few Chinese words and their pronunciations. Fortunately, we had one Chinese dictionary. My mother would learn new words in the dictionary in her spare time even though she was tired after daily works, and then she delivered them to me. The only thing I needed to do was to write all these Chinese words again and again. Before long, she found that I was tired of learning and writing the Chinese word, and she also was tired of making new materials for me to write. But this was...

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