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The Peoples Essay

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It was many years ago, long before your beloved parents or even their own. It was far past the time when skyscrapers first began their grazing of the heavens, past even the taking advantage of devote teachers. Further still, our story takes us.
Much like many tales of this sort- there is perhaps little truth weaved in all- that serve not as references for literal information but references for wisdom and understanding. I do not profess that readers who study these tomes will come out any the wiser, nor is it this tome’s sole purpose. Some things in life do not require purpose nor plan, but moving forward.
Before our world, there was perhaps another. In it lived a single person, a woman ...view middle of the document...

That was also part of her great plan. It ensured equality between citizens and harmony between rulers.
Overall, it was great plan, except for the group of people who felt no leader necessary. These persons left the great city-states lived as savages, constantly attacking the city-states. Before her disappearance, the great originator left instructions for two organizations to prevent corruption and defend. The White Blood Knights removed threats to national security and attacks from the Outsiders (the runaways) and P-53, the secret agency, removed with corrupted rulers and their cities. For many years the arrangement worked, until mutation of one command almost destroyed a kingdom.

Story 1: The Obstinate Queen
“My queen, I beseech thee, do reconsider,” and short man in red cried toward an enthroned figure.
“The answer is a resounding no,” she responded.
“But sire, it is of the utmost importance that the action be performed. We require another ruler; it is the time to divide.”
“Be that as it may, I simply do not care. Let the people deal with this problem.”
“But sire try as they might there is no avoiding that the city is at its upper limits. It is imperative that we found a new city for our ever-expanding populace. Moreover, as par the originator’s vision, a ruler with the original vision is necessary.”
“Once again, no.”
“All the others have agreed and have undergone the process, now we need you. We require one of your line: the royal line.”
“Perhaps your ears have been stuffed with cotton. Do not disturb me on this matter henceforth. Find some other way to get it dealt with and leave me alone, or I shall have you sent to the Vesicles.”
The man in red had no choice, it was the direct order of the queen, and he had to leave or find another way to persuade the queen. He turned swiftly and walked out gnashing his teeth.
He exited the imposing castle and was faced with looking at the stars for inspiration. He stopped staring and began walking to Merlicase’s stately tower. His hand did not form the common gesture of one who has devised a plot, but maybe it was.
He knocked twice upon the towers door and entered in. The great old sage did not question immediately but paused in a knowing way.
“So you’ve come and it would seem that your persuasions have not succeeded favourably?”
“How did you know that?”
“Oh child in red, I have seen many cycles from the very beginning. I have trained a great number of heirs to perform the task, surely such would be not be beyond my abilities to foresee.”
“How have you dealt with it before?”
“Those cities were destroyed by P-53 or the White Blooded Knights. Do not gaze at me with such fury for they were beyond my abilities.”
“So what do you propose?”
“I have no proposition, but I assume your arrival means that you do.”
The man in red whispered the details of his plot to the old man who merely nodded.
“Do you have any comments?”
“Just one, but I am certain that you would go through regardless of the wisdom of...

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