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The Perfect And The Innocent Essay

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Perfection is a house on it’s own, but innocence is the landscape around
it. The author of Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger, tells an interesting story about a boy who has avoided his home after getting kicked out his fourth school. This boy, Holden Caulfield, loves perfection and innocence. Holden is a strange character, he makes a snowball, but can’t throw it, imagines the museum as a perfect place because things don’t change, daydreams about his childhood sweetheart constantly, and after seeing “F” you written on the walls of the school, Holden tries to erase every one of them. Life for Holden is sad and uplifting at the same time, but he has to face the fact that he is growing up and can’t be the protector of children. Holden tries to imagine that everything is perfect and the children are innocent without realizing the truth.

Early in the book, while Holden is still in Pencey, he takes a snowball and something quite odd and remarkable. Holden picks up snow, makes a snowball, looks at a car, gets ready to throw it, but he doesn’t because “the car looks so nice and white” (Salinger 36). Holden then decided he should throw it at a fire hydrant “but, it looked too nice and white, too” (Salinger 36). Both of these things were too perfect for Holden to destroy. If Holden didn’t want things to stay the same, he would have thrown the snowball maybe not at the car, but at least the fire hydrant. Holden then attempted to get on the bus, but the bus driver said he couldn’t take the snowball on the bus. Holden said, “I wasn’t going to chuck it at anybody, but he wouldn’t believe me” (Salinger 37). Holden seems to have respect for nature according to this story about him and his way of thinking. It could very well be the fact nature changes everything in the most perfect way possible. The seasons flawlessly change every year. The way the flowers all bloom in the spring to the greenery in the summer; from the multicolored leaves in the fall to the blankets of snow in the winter. All of these things could be said a simple aspect in life, but in reality, it paints the wonderful picture Holden like to imagine as the seasons follow the idea of perfection. Holden has to drop the snowball before entering on the bus, because “people never believe you” (Salinger 37). This shows that people are not perfect and it has impacted every soul on the Earth. The tone is disgusted as Holden think about all of the people who are imperfect. That’s just about every single one of them. Unlike nature, humans don’t run on a perfect schedule and can adjust things in what ever way they want. This has been the case throughout history, this is why Holden likes the museum so, much.

Holden hates how people are always making mistakes and ruining the idea of perfection, but he loves the fact that everything in the museum will stay the same forever, especially the Indians. The thing about the place that Holden adores so much, is “you could go there a hundred...

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