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Have you ever wanted to watch a show that displays the core values of family and makes you laugh your socks off? Well if the answer is yes, you should check out Modern Family. Modern Family is an American comedy series that airs Wednesday nights at 9 pm on ABC. The main premise of the show is about three “modern” families living in California that are all interrelated. They are all related through Jay Pritchett and his two children, Claire and Mitchell. Jay’s family consists of Jay’s much younger new wife, Gloria, her son, Manny, and Jay’s and Gloria’s son, Fugencio (Joe). Claire’s family consists of Claire’s husband Phil, and their three children, Hayley, Alex, and Luke. Lastly Mitchell’s family consists of his partner, Cam and their adopted daughter Lily. Each of the three intermediate families is unique in their own way and the families counteract each other making the show have an overall entertaining and amusing plot. Each of the characters on the show consists of either Romantic or Enlightenment qualities, and the two people that embody these qualities the most are Phil and Claire. Claire outwardly exhibits the more enlightened point of view on things, while Phil demonstrates the more romantic point of view.
Claire Dunphey, the mother of three rambunctious teenagers, exhibits many qualities of the enlightened thinker, also known as a philisophe. One of these qualities is that Claire strives to better her community and her society. As shown in the episode, “Slow Down Your Neighbors” Claire becomes intent on catching and putting a stop to a sports car that has been speeding through their neighborhood, consequently endangering the lives of the residents. To further increase her chances of catching the car she makes a great deal of posters that all say “Slow Down” with a picture of the cars license plate and signed “Your Neighbors.” She uses her drive and determination to try to “perfect her society” and create a better community to live in, therefore acting like an enlightened thinker. Another instance in which she tries to better the community is when she runs for councilwoman in “Hit and Run.” She runs for council because she wanted a STOP sign at a dangerous intersection where people could get hurt, and the former councilman refused to put one there. Several episodes later, it is election day and the families struggle to get Claire votes, nonetheless in the end, Claire loses. Conversely, the councilman agrees to put a STOP sign at the dangerous intersection, therefore, Claire gets what she wanted in the first place. Another enlightenment trait Claire displays is her use of logical thinking. During “Suddenly, Last Summer” Claire uses her logical and deductive reasoning to change up their kids schedules for the summer in order to have one full week kid free. This shows that she uses rational thinking in order to accomplish this goal. Her control freak, perfectionist attitude also contribute to her overall enlightened demeanor. In the...

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