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The idea of having children is the most beautiful thing there is. I believe that parenthood is a wonderful gift because not everyone can have children. Even though having children is not a priority for some, it is a happiness that is beyond compare to many. Having the perfect, conventional family is what has always been socially acceptable; however, nowadays non-conventional families can be just a great as conventional ones. Raising children and having a family, conventional or not, is beautiful.
When one thinks of having children, he or she typically desires the “American Dream”: a big house with a yard, a perfect husband or wife, and four perfect children. The idea of having a ...view middle of the document...

Even though these families are less conventional than others, they are still very beautiful in their own way. Maybe sometimes relationships between mothers and fathers cannot continue, resulting in single-parenthood. Even though this appears like something that nobody could ever want, it seems that single parents give just as much love to their children as if there were two parents (Rustin). Also, under many circumstances when a child is forced to live under the care of other family members, we tend to feel bad for them. This could be because deep down we all want the conventional family that is the mother, father, and child, and little do we see how beautiful these other types of families can be. One family may be less conventional than another, but the loving bond that keeps the family together is very special.
All families can be beautiful no matter the situation. There should be no judgment when it comes to what families are acceptable, and which ones are not. This standard on which women are judged is very harsh. When a woman becomes pregnant unexpectedly, and she is not ready, she may turn to abortion. This is something that I believe under no circumstance should be allowed. Women may feel like they cannot give the child the family that they want, and they decide to give up. However, recently there has been a dramatic drop in the abortion rate in the United States from 1973. Researchers have concluded that this possibly could be because more women are...

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