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The Perfect Fit Essay

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Open adoption came into widespread practice in 1982 when the Independent Adoption Center opened its doors in California. However, it was extremely controversial, with several adoption professionals refusing to even share a panel stage with speakers on open adoption. (Independent Adoption Center) In April of the same year, Robert Borgman wrote an article titled “The Consequences of Open and Closed Adoption for Older Children”. As the title suggests, Borgman discusses the consequences of open and closed adoption for older children but he argues that open adoption is a more practical choice for children. Four years later, Patrick A. Curtis writes an article titled “ The Dialectics of Open ...view middle of the document...

The second article, written by Patrick A. Curtis, argues that closed and open adoption should be decided by the adoptive parents and biological parents together. He argues that infants cannot speak for themselves so the parents must make the decision. He includes information for all ends of the spectrum. When he includes all these perspectives, he shows that everybody is different intellectually, nevertheless supporting his thesis. His article effectively demonstrates the pathos key to persuasion. Even with the grand emotional appeal in this article, he also provides credibility and logic to his article. The article reads as an informative essay but his tone is persuasive. He is persuading the readers that open and closed adoption is dependent on the person, rather than research.
Both authors argue that permanence and continuity give the necessary foundation for adopted children. Borgman and Curtis both provide many references and expert opinions to solidify their case. Borgman’s argument is that permanence in the child’s life can be achieved by allowing the children to hold to their memories by keeping their past relationships and staying in touch with their biological family.
In Curtis’s article, his argument is more balanced and does not pick a side. He simply elaborates on both ends. It is as if his essay is informative but his word choice is persuasive. Curtis even wrote in the conclusion of his article, “results derived from future longitudinal research cannot be of help to is now.” This suggests that his evidence cannot be supported by research. The reader knows Borgman’s claim automatically. He presents closed adoption and the expert opinion on its success. Then, he passively refutes closed adoption. Following, he presents his case on why he believes open adoption is a more logical decision. He even provides insights into the adoption process to give the reader background information.
In both articles, they share a similar viewpoint; the child is the basis for making the decision between open or closed adoption. However, in Borgman’s argument is that if the child is still involved with the biological family, the process of being adopted by another family will not be as stressful and dramatic to the child. He recognizes the needs of the biological parents and the role of the adoptive parents. Curtis’s argument is that both adoptive parents and biological parents should decide which adoption is...

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