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Pimples, braces, glasses, and drama devoured my high school. It is an experience I would never change but given the choice to go back and create a perfect high school some things would have to go. Keeping diversity, a large school size and a huge course selection would help students overcome some struggles they might have faced. Meanwhile outdated books, no one on one for teachers and students and peer pressure is something that should be adjusted. Throughout high school students are faced with many issues but with these few changes the experience should be close to perfect.
Diversity is the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people according to Merriam- Webster Dictionary. In high school diversity means much more than being different. Having a diverse school enriches the education experience by helping students learn from others experiences, beliefs, and perspectives (Fairleigh Dickinson University). Diversity also challenges stereotypes, teaches communication between varied backgrounds, and educates students to work with different cultures (Fairleigh Dickinson University). Students in diverse schools also have a chance to learn how other cultures live, are forced to think about other cultural issues and reduce racism (Santrock, pg. 348). In 2007 a study by the National Comprehensive Center for Teaching Quality came to the conclusion that “76% of teachers say they were trained to teach ethnically diverse student body but few that 4 in 10 said their training helps them” (Greatschools). In order to change this, teachers should use the concept of a jigsaw classroom which is a mix of cultures in a classroom working towards a common goal (Santrock, pg. 347). Another way to promote diversity is to use cultural differences in teaching, such as to look at all concepts from every side such as in the Holocaust you should look at the concept from the view of the Jewish, Nazi, Gypsy, Christian, the common German and so on (Greatschools). Teachers should also take no racial intolerance, which includes any racist jokes or comments from any students (Greatschools). Although students may not show how a racist comment may affect them in front of a friend, it is a form of racial intolerance which can really hurt a student. Few areas are diverse, so in order to diversify a school that may be predominantly one race a program such as Metco can be put in place. Metco takes students from lower social class districts and sends them to school in a less diverse neighborhood. This expands the educational opportunity of the student, promotes diversity and it has worked for over 30 school districts in Massachusetts (Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education). Promoting diversity in schools in this way will enhance the student’s ability to fit into the new global economy and communicate between different cultural backgrounds with ease.
Choices are something that every...

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