The Perfect Man, Describing Every Aspect Of The Man Of My Dreams Campbell University/ English Descriptive Essay

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Diamond Fletcher
Professor Keller
English 100-6
21 September 2016
The Perfect Guy
The perfect guy can sometimes be hard to find. There are many qualities and features that different women look for in a male companion. Some people go looking, and others wait for them to come. It may take a little longer for some people like me who have high unrealistic expectations. Nevertheless, I have learned to stop looking and most importantly be patient. But while waiting I started to have the perfect guy in mind. He would be African American, have a nice body with a personality like no other. While also being successful in his career as a lawyer at his own law firm. However, none of these things would affect his unconditional love for me.
My perfect guy would be African American, with caramel mocha skin free of any acne or scars. His face would be covered with a nicely shaven beard complimented by his pearly white teeth. He would have gorgeous hazel eyes surrounded by curly eyelashes. On his cheeks would be beautiful dimples cheek bones like no other. He would be tall at least six feet tall with long muscular legs. The face to make any lady turn her head and stare.
My man would have a body as hard as rocks with a muscular built. He would have nice detailed abs that sat perfectly underneath his chest. His arms would be big and round, large enough to move around heavy things. He would weigh roughly one hundred and eighty-five pounds. Medical issues would not be a concern being that goes to the doctor once or twice a year for regular checkups. He would eat healthy on a daily basis a diet consisting of protein shakes, vegetables, selected meats, and fruits. Of course there would be cheat days to his mean plan on occasion. Working out and going to the gym is one of the things we would do together to spend quality time with one another.
The personality of this guy is the most important part of our relationship. He would be honest with me, telling me the truth about his likes and dislikes. Always willing to have fun with me, being outgoing and always ready for adventures. He would be smart enough so that his career would be successful enough for us not to need or want for anything. However, the most important qualities he would...

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