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The Perfect Way For Your Face

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The perfect way for your face Being a female is not always easy. There are certain tricks involved to getting the perfect self image that are physically possible for you to get. There is of course dieting and exercise, keeping fit and healthy; but a very easy and common way to go, is with the application of make-up. Learning how to apply make-up properly, and according to your facial features is very beneficial and can help you feel more confident and beautiful, without changing your whole personal and physical image altogether. It is fairly easy to learn to apply make-up properly, but there are a couple of steps you must take before you can start.You must make sure your skin is healthy by washing it with a hydrating cleanser and moisturizing it with and oil-free lotion. After this you must pick out the right shades of make-up for your type of skin. You can do this by testing the colour of the foundation on the back of your hand, then rubbing it in. If the colours blends with your skin, then it is the right one for you. If you are having a hard time, just ask the consultant at the store, I'm sure they'd be happy to help you out. The next step is to find the right colour of eye make-up. depending on your eye shape, colour, and size. If you have a small eye, you can use eyeliner, brown for lighter skin and black for darker skin. If you wanted to look different or match your favourite outfit you can try blues, purples, greens, or whites. Any colour that you feel comfortable will do.The next step is finding a lip colour that suits your pout, again depending on your facial features. Usually a gloss is an all around winner. It works in most cases, except that rare exception when you decide to whip out the red or exotic colours. When you have completed picking out your make-up, you must take the necessary step in putting it on. After cleansing, wipe your face dry and apply a little bit of moisturizer to face and neck. Apply foundation to the whole face and neck area or just apply to...

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