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The Perfect Number Essay

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People often wonder, “What is the perfect number?” What they do not know is that there is more than just one perfect number; there are many. Today’s research tells us that there are forty-eight perfect numbers. A perfect number is a number that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors, excluding its self.
6=1+2+3 28=1+2+4+7+14 18=1+2+3+6+9 (= 21)
To answer the question of what a perfect number is you need to know how to solve for a perfect number, who has been involved in coming up with perfect numbers, the criteria, and interesting facts about perfect numbers. Perfect numbers are more complex than just deciding whether a number is considered “perfect” or not.
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He invented the formula to solve for perfect numbers and Pythagorean Theorem. The discovery of perfect numbers is unique in that the numbers were not discovered in order and came to be a group effort from scholars from all over the world. The Greek mathematic recordings tell us of discoveries of the first few perfect numbers. The twelfth perfect number was found before the ninth, tenth, and eleventh. Then the twenty-ninth was found five years after the thirtieth and three years after the thirty-first. Later around 100 A.D, Nicomachus recorded that numbers have both moral qualities and traits and also classified them into groups based on the sum of their factors. By Nicomachus stating that numbers have moral qualities Christian scholars and philosophers also had ideas on the spiritual meaning of perfect numbers. They stated that six is a perfect number because God created the world in six days. It was also said that God created the world in six days because it is a perfect number. This is one example of many statements these Christian scholars made to explain perfect numbers.
Euclid was a Greek mathematician that was highly respected in the math community. Also known as Father of Geometry, he devoted all of his time into studying and essentially shaping geometry as we know it today. He discovered many mathematical revolutions and created many helpful algorithms that we still use to solve everyday math. He also created axioms that he realized should be simply accepted instead of having to be proved mathematically. He later went on to teach other math fanatics like himself in a private school set up by Euclid himself in a library in Alexandria. He successfully wrote eight books on a part of math that did not continue to exist through time. Nobody knows the year and cause to Euclid’s death. Years after he had died people would create theorems and write in his name. The entire world was impacted by his work and dedication to geometry, worldly known as Euclidian Geometry.
Perfect numbers are not decided solely because you think a random number is “perfect” it has to fit into...

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