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The Ideal Superhero: Iron Man Essay

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Superhero characterization and depiction is often highly subject variation. This develops multitudinous characteristics linked to the idea of a superhero. In this time of the great superhero boom in cinema, literature, and other media, it is pertinent to define what constitutes a superhero and to validate certain comic book characters as superheroes. Therefore certain essential qualifications must be established and matched in order to obtain the classification of superhero. These qualifications are the display of superpowers, above average intelligence, bravery, selflessness, and the ability to best a strong archrival. In Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, Iron Man overcomes the arduous challenge of an all-powerful Doctor Doom and otherworldly creatures through his range of superhero abilities and techniques. Iron Man successfully adheres to the idea of a superhero because he represents the aforementioned core qualities that are essential to super heroism.
Superpowers are the weapons that differentiate a superhero from the common man. These abilities allow them to combat threats that easily overwhelm ordinary human beings. In the Iron Man: Legacy of Doom comic, Iron Man displays several superhuman abilities that allow him to combat the treacherous forces thrown at him. Particularly, Tony Stark brandishes repulsor cannons in order to combat the damned warriors of Mephitso’s realm (Michelinie 19). This allows him long-range defense and strong offensive weapons crucial to surviving the stringent battle conditions crafted by Doctor Doom. In order to further bolster his superpowers, Iron Man’s technology equips Tony Stark with flight. While protecting the Latverian fighter pilot, Iron Man strategically utilizes his flight to redirect the course of the Doom missiles targeting the Latverian soldiers (Michelinie 13). Iron Man validates his superhero status by strategically utilizing his powers to aid and protect the citizens of Earth.
Iron Man exhibits another characteristic essential to the idea of a superhero. His high level intelligence allows him to create technology that provides him superpowers and assists him in adeptly escaping tough situations. Through his intelligence, Iron Man skillfully outmaneuvers his opponents and thwarts any plans they may conjure. For example, Mephitso is astonished by Iron Man’s “futile but impressive” (Michelinie 30) attempts to kill his demonic father Howard Stark and the damned human globs. Similarly, Iron Man shows great skill by escaping the entrapment of Mephitso’s realm. Despite the odds stacked against him, Tony Stark devises a means to escape the realm through the little technology around him. Iron Man, thinking resourcefully and creatively, develops the booster circuit necessary to power the transport technology (Michelinie 43). These acts of escape and resilience were founded in intelligent thinking that provided Iron Man the ability to surmount the challenges. A superhero cannot simply rely on brute force, but...

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