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The Perfect Surgeon Essay

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Cutting edge, revolutionary, amazing, are all words to describe Dr. Redmond Burke at his profession, pediatric cardio thoracic surgeon. He recognizes the responsibility of holding a child’s heart in his hands and loves every second of it. “The babies hearts are like snowflakes, they are never the same” he quoted. These incredible healers treat with special care to fix both congenital and acquired heart problems in children. (LifeSpy) Pediatric heart surgeons have the best knowledge and experience to help a child with heart problems, due to the vigorous years of training that are required for this profession. To start a high school diploma is required, then at least 4 years of medical ...view middle of the document...

In his very early education, he was educated at Portal Elementary School, and John F. Kennedy Junior High School. To add to young Dr. Burke’s Health Grade Honor Role, he won the Outstanding Wrestler Award at Central Coast section Championships in 1976. In that same year, he placed 5th in the State Championship for wrestling.
Burke attended Harvard Medical School and graduated in 1984. Some of his influential instructors were Hardy Hendren, Butten Weiser, and Judah Folkman. While in college, Burke walked on and made the varsity football team as a freshman, under Jack Christiansen, a NFL Hall of Fame Coach. To even further impress, he graduated at the top of his class with honors and distinction. Then did his medical internship at the prestigious Bingham’s Women’s Hospital and completed that in the same year. He then followed to do his residency at Bingham’s Women’s Hospital until 1989 and show tremendous promise in the surgical field. While he was a resident he was rewarded with becoming Chief Resident of his peers. Burke was selected for Cardiac Surgical Training under Professor Aldo Castanada and did his 5-year fellowship there as well up to 1994. Due to his highly skilled and impressive performance in his training, Burke became an instructor in surgery at the Harvard Medical School in 1992 ( Dr. Burke is a very intelligent man who loves and respects his work, he once said, “The future of medicine is...

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