The Perfect Teacher And Educated Man

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When we were posed with the question "What does an 'Educated Person' look like?" I was at a loss. But as I went through my notes I realized how many phenomenal philosophers have played a part in developing the basis for education in this country. I realized also that I could not answer the question stated above with a singular philosopher's name. However, I do agree with definite points of individual philosophers and have decided to create my own portrait of what an educated man (or woman) would 'look' like.

I start with the heart of Horace Mann because his heart was in the right place. He believed that everyone should be enrolled in school. Mann thought that the common school experience was something all students should be involved in and his propositions included the female sex, which was an outrageous stance for him to take in his era.

Second, I throw the leg of Jefferson into my cauldron. Jefferson trusted people and I believe in order to have students trust a teacher, the teacher must first have a basic trust in their students. Also, Jefferson was of the opinion that politics should be kept out of schools and lessons should be taught in an unbiased manner. He believed that teaching was a noteworthy job and that teachers should be paid for their work with tax money if necessary. Another of Jefferson's strong points was his forceful focus on history. Students need to be taught an abundance of history in order to understand the implications of what has been achieved and led up to the world they see before them. I believe, as I conclude Jefferson believed, that there is an increased respect for entities and events when their history is heard.

Then come the fingers of John Locke. Locke directly opposed Joseph Lancaster and stated that physical punishment of students needs to be abolished. He emphasized the dignity of the students, which I think is key to actually teaching a student. What student can learn to the best of their potential when they are not seen as a person but as a future person?

Mary Wallstonecraft's elbows are the next ingredients. She believed that male and female students should be educated together in order to literally learn about each other and respect each other's differences. She preached that there should be a focus on the family and learning near your home. Along with Wallstonecraft is Catherine Beecher. Beecher advocated for the rights of women in the field of education. She enforced the idea of exercise and its health benefits, especially for women, at a time when the idea was considered taboo. Beecher had a hand in the advancement of female colleges and although she did not believe in equal education for men and woman she did act as a catalyst for the...

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