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The Perfect Woman Essay

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Society and people on a whole demonstrates what a perfect woman should be like. The picture of a perfect woman in our society is demonstrated in advertisements, on different magazine covers, and for just about anything that a woman is featured in. Now my question is why the pressure is so heavily placed on females to be so perfect? Women are pressured in many aspects of their lives, like how they look, their emotions, and their role as a woman.
Women in society have a certain appearance to look up to. They don’t just have to be beautiful but rather amazingly beautiful. Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler state in their book “bitchfest” that “Vogue long ago perfected the process of erasing overweight folks from existence – even the all-powerful Oprah was tasked with losing twenty pounds before being allowed onto the cover in 1998”(Zeisler. Pg 252). This demonstrates how perfect women are supposed to be in society. Take Oprah for instance. She is very rich but that’s doesn’t make her the woman society wants her to be. She has to follow certain beauty rules in order to be on the cover of a Vogue Magazine. This paints a picture of the high demands for women in our society. It forces women to do stuff they might not want to do.
In order for women to be perfect they have to go through different procedures and these are the necessities they must follow. According to Mail Online, Daily Mail Reporter states that “[a]side from your house and your car, ladies, what’s your most valuable possession is believe it or not, it might just be your bathroom cabinet. Because the average woman has £1,964.30 worth of beauty products hidden away inside it. That works out as 65 different jars, tubes and bottles, each worth £30.22 on average.” This shows the effect society has on our women and how dangerous it can be. The question many ask is “Are women comfortable wearing these chemicals?” Most women don’t go by comfort but by what others say to them. If a lady looks a little old she needs to use different cosmetics to make her and others around her feel better. The reason why women spend so much is because of how all these products are advertised on television. You will be perfect just by using these products and you will have more friends. It’s just mostly a catch that once you get in you can’t get out.
In society women have the need to change their look to suit others. Women mostly react off what their peers, family, friends, and enemies might say. What others say affect them in way that can change their channel of thoughts and how they think. Therefore they do something about it. In the book “A House on Mango Street” it demonstrates a straight forward picture of what young girls think beauty is. “We were tired of being beautiful” (Cisneros, p 42). Esperanza and her friends were wearing high heels, and this quote was after they went home and took off the shoes. They walked around on their street in heels and they thought that was beauty. Based on how the television...

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