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Students should leave a First Year Writing program (FYW) feeling confident in their writing abilities and skills. FYWs are designed to help students write effectively in all other subject areas and classes; therefore, FYWs should include several different genres of essays, multiple texts to read, and analytical work for the read texts. Correct use of grammar, formatting, punctuation, and other crucial components of writing should be reviewed in English 1101 classes and, by convention, can be exempt from lecture in English 1102 classes.
The first few weeks of English 1101 classes should touch base with all writing mechanics. Naturally, the students have already learned these concepts and ...view middle of the document...

The students will still be challenged to find mistakes in their own writing.
Students should be required to go to the University Writing Center at least once a week, much like a workshop for a biology class. The attendance and activities completed in the Writing Center should make up ten percent of the students’ 1101 class grade. In the Writing Center, students should be given topics to write an in-class timed essay every other week. The weeks not given a timed writing, the students will go to the Writing Center to continue working on essays for the 1101 class. They should be provided with useful tips and examples for each essay.
English 1102 classes should be comprised mostly of reading texts and writing analyses of them. Research papers would also fit well into an 1102 class. Texts that should be considered for students to read and analyze include Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, and Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Analyses and research papers fit well for 1102 classes because they involve a higher level of thinking and effort. Students should not be allowed a chance to re-write any essay in 1102 classes.
FYW programs should allow students to exempt 1101 classes if they score a three or higher on the Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Composition exam and 1102 classes if they score at least a four on the AP Literature and Composition exam. Any student who did not take AP courses or exams but still wishes to exempt an English class should be given the opportunity to opt out of the class by taking an exam at the college the summer before fall classes or the winter before spring classes. In order to test out of a FYW program, the student must have a 3.5 or higher high school GPA, recommendations from high school English teachers, and score at least a three for 1101 classes or a four for 1102 classes. The tests should mimic the AP exams and be evaluated similarly....

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